Thursday, December 24, 2009

Adv - Lasik Surgery

I have been having bad eyesight for quite some time, and have always thought about Lasik Surgery. Come on! Who doesn't want perfect eyesight to see things nice and clear? I needed my glasses to have the clear vision. Even though there are contact lenses but i still worry that i might poke my finger into my eye and i could get blind! Lasik Surgery could help me get rid of my glasses once and for all!! My cousin has gone through a lasik surgery last year and she was very happy with it. No side effects and her eyes looks gorgeous (glasses tend to make the eyes look weird after wearing it for some time.)

Survey had shown that Lasik is the most often performed surgery in the US. Some might be scared of Lasik Surgery but actually, the surgery does not let you suffer any pain, and the recovery can be as little as a few hours, but most see well in about a day or two. The US Lasik results data are available at their website.

It shows that 99% report quality of life as expected, better, or much better. Cool! Maybe i should go for the lasik.

I've looked into the web and saw a place that has been serving eye patients for more than 35 years. Stahl Eye Center doctors' patients' outcomes have been independently verified by nonprofit Lasik patient advocacy USAEyes to meet or exceed the national norms for Lasik results. Fewer than 100 doctors nationwide have attained this certification. Stahl Eye Center doctors are graduates from top universities such as UCLA, John Hopkins and Yale, so our EYE will be in good hands! Go to their website to check out more about the doctor's information. Stahl Eye Center has three locations in New York including Manhattan and Long Island. Too bad i'm too far away from those places, i would totally consider going there to check my eyes!

Click here to view more about Lasik Surgery

Friday, October 9, 2009

Sg Lembing Trip

Family trip again tmr~ Yippie!

This time we're going to Sg Lembing, some small place at Pahang. Heard that food there is good.
We're going to some cave tmr..and Sunday morning we'll be going for hill climbing. Busy trip..haha.

So, we'll depart tmr morning at 6am. Early wieh~
Need to slp early.

Hope i'll have a great trip! Update again soon. =)

Thursday, September 17, 2009


I'm back!

Gone for a long long time..keke.
Anwy, i'm back to being Jobless again. Actually already 2 weeks being jobless.

Quit my HP job as i wasn't happy there. Not that it was bad..i guess it just doesn't suit me at all.
There's still Financial Analyst position at HP. You guys can just give it a's a good time to learn in there now.

Anwy my dear blog readers,
David and I have already past our 1 year Anniversary. =)

*applause applause*

Thank God we're still very sweet & loving. =)
We went for our anniversary trip too. Our 1st couple trip after 1 year together. hehe.

Was super happy with everything. Thanks darling...for being with me. =) LOVE YOU!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Everything - Lee Hom

故事裡的 起承轉合 有一些忘記

原來波折 才暗示著 該走的方向

就算 別人都說 我們沒什麼出息

Cause You're My Everything
就一個原因 讓我勇敢面對這個世界
想給你 Everything
不管用多少個明天 永遠從此刻開始算起
你的愛是我的 Everything

遼闊天際 求和相遇 有多少機率
多少煙火 墜落無痕跡

因為幸福 沒有捷徑 難免要繞道
不被看好 越是要走到

就算別人都說 我們沒什麼出息

你就是 Everything
就這個原因 讓我勇敢面對這個世界
想給你 Everything
隻要你說一聲願意 所有的未來才有意義
你的愛是我的 Everything

Cause You're My Everything
就這個原因 讓我勇敢面對這個世界
想給你 Everything
不管用多少個明天 永遠從此刻開始算起

你就是 Everything
就如這個原因 我會永遠記住這種感覺
想給你 Everything
隻要你說一聲願意 所有的未來才有意義
你的愛是我的 Everything



Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Memories of you & me

Miss those time with you in Melaka..Those were the best times with you. =)

Couple shirt~ My gift for you =)

On my birthday. My 1st Birthday with you~ and there will be many many more years of birthday with you. =)

Karaoke together..=)

Our 6 months Anniversary~ And will be our 1 year Anniversary. =)

My 1st Valentine's day with you. And a very memorable one. I love you.

Our 1st trip together..Langkawi. =)

Can we hold on to each other like this forever? I know i want to...coz i'll love you forever. =)

Ups and downs, we'll go through all of it together.
I ♥ U

Friday, July 31, 2009

Working Life~

AHhhhh~ weekends...The great Friday..Wonderful Saturday...and..Oh Shit..Sunday again.

Working life..damn sien and boring.
Have been working in Hewlett Packard in Cyberjaya for 1 and a half week ady. Hmm...Boring job. I still want audit~ sigh. Jia you bah!

One more week till i'm officially a graduate! Can't wait can't wait!

I have a trip with my ex-colleagues and dearie during merdeka weekend. Yippie~ a trip..a trip~ hohohoho~

This post is so boring. ByeBye.

Friday, July 17, 2009


I changed my template again~
And my links are all gone!!!

Can you guys leave me a msg with your link on?? Please please~ Thanks!


Hey ppl.
It's been a long time. I know.
Was busy finding job, attending interviews. N yes ppl, i finally got a job! Thank GOD!

Never updated my cutie blog since cheerleading competition. Muriel never won, but the teacher advisor won best teacher award. I love you Pn Azwana. Thanks for sticking with Muriel for such a long time.

It was fun knowing the girls. =) Had a great time with them but i never get to remember all their names. I'm getting old. But i will remember all those faces. =)

My sis and i slept for about 16 hours after the competition. We both had gone through 2 tiring days together, waking up at 3am to do her makeup, need to reach school at 5am. And i did everyone's makeup till 7am. Well, you would think my job is done. But NOOOOO...i still sat there till 6pm for both days, screaming and shouting for every team performing. Yup, 2 days! 3am - 12am. We both woke up around 5pm after the competition. My sis thought that my phone is spoilt when i told her it's 5pm. I'm glad that i haven't got a job that time if not i will die at work.

So...after the competition i have been looking for jobs. Went to a very small audit firm in Damansara for interview and they accepted me straightaway, and offering only RM1.7k, no OT claim, No study leave...and bla bla bla. Well, at one point i was glad that a company offered me. But then, how could i survived with RM1.7k with a job soooo far far away from my house. Petrol, Parking & Toll will already cost a bomb! SOoooo...i never accepted.

Oh yea, and before going for an interview at this audit firm, I went to Manpower recruitment agency for an interview too. Not really a formal interview, more of them asking me what kinds of job i prefer. I told them AUDIT. 1st choice AUDIT. If not...i would go for Commercial.

The next day my recruit consultant called up telling me there's a job at Hewlett Packard for Financial Analyst. Well, come one! It's HP! So i said..if she could get me the interview i would surely be happy to attend. But still i went for this interview at this audit firm 1st.

Few days after that, i got the call from my consultant saying that i got the interview. =)
I went for the interview on Wednesday. My mum's birthday. Super super nervous. Anwy, this is a contract based job for 6 months. After the interview, i was kinda confused whether i got the job. Coz the person who interviewed me told me stuff like "If you are successful..bla bla bla..." and also "You come meet me here on your 1st day and we'll go together to Cyberjaya office if you dunno the way.." (The job is based is Cyberjaya). SOOOO...i was pretty confused!

So i waited for my consultant to call me, and i received a call in the evening telling me i got the job with surely a more higher salary than what the stupid audit firm is giving me la!



But i am a bit worried. I think my salary comes from Manpower, and not Hewlett Packard. i have a possibility to become permanant staff after 6 months?? I'm worried that I might not have a job after 6 months. Anyone knows how this works? I mean getting a job from recruitment agencies and stuff? Please let me know!!

I have been told i'll start next week. Still waiting for call from my consultant but apparently she's on MC.
Hopefully i'll get her call soon!

I got the job on my mum's birthday..and she was pretty happy with it. She said it's the best present ever! hehe...

Anwy, tmr is the day!! I'm staying at Cititel!! YIPPIE!!!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

To my juniors~

This post is especially for my sister and also all MURIEL cheerleaders.

Dear Muriel Juniors,

In a few days time, you'll be joining this great event, with thousand of people screaming and shouting while you perform your routine on that mat. I know it has been a very very tough time for all of you, and you have been practicing really hard. I've seen my sister coming back with injuries all over, bruises on her hands and feet. And i know some of you might also have hurt yourself too during all the practices. But still, why do you guys not give up? For one reason, YOU LOVE CHEER! YOU LOVE MURIEL!

Well, I love MURIEL too and have been supporting MURIEL for years. I know that this week will be a super stressful week for every one of MURIEL, the cheerleaders, the directors...even i too feel stressful thinking bout how to make you guys look pretty on that day.

For some of you, you are already experienced for the competition. You know the feeling of being out there performing to so many ppl. And most importantly, you enjoy cheering and performing, rite? For the juniors, i know some of you are panicking rite now..thinking of how you're gonna face the competition with so many last minute changes. Let me tell you, when i was still in the team, one day before the competition some of my teammates blew us off. 3 girls just suddenly told us that they wanna quit..and it happen js one day before the competition. Can you imagine how panic we were? Can you imagine how angry we were with those girls? We cried and cried. But still, we never give up on the competition. We know that we will not make it into top 10. We could js call up and tell them that we will not join the competition. But we didn't. We stayed on, and continue practicing till late evening. We did all the last minute changes, and manage to perform on that day.

So, compared to my situation, aren't you guys having more time than us? So why are you panicking? Your stunts and pyramids need what? Most importantly you all have the teamwork to do this. MURIEL girls always stick together and do what they does best, CHEER! You girls are cheerleaders! So you all must be supportive of each other. DO NOT GIVE UP!

This competition is not all about the winning. Learn to enjoy the experience!

But still girls, even if your practicing hard for the competition, be carefull and not hurt yourself. I heard that there are lots of serious injuries that happened this year. And i pray to GOD that all of you girls will be safe and sound for all practices and also during the competition. Please really really practice all your stunts and pyramids safely. Even if you're very passionate of this sport, you will still need to know your limits. Do not try to do things if you know that you do not have the ability to continue doing it. Just stay safe. Give your support to each other during these few days.

Cheerleading is really a fun sport. So just have fun doing it.

Anwy, I heard from my sister that most of the MURIEL girls reads my blog and knows bout my stuff. Well, thanks for visiting here. I hope we do know each other more from this weekend's competition. I'm alwiz willing to help so don hesitate to ask for my help k girls. Even a hug. hehe.



Monday, June 29, 2009


I need to get glitter for the girls!

Does anyone know whr i could get very cool glitters Makeup for Cheerleading competition??

Gosh! Running out of time to buy these things~ whr should i get them?? I bought Silky girl glitter eyeliner for them yesterday..but i don't think it would be nice enough to be outstanding from the other teams.

I saw some on some website..but they don't sell it in Malaysia. Damn it!

And i'm worried i don't have enough time to do everyone's make up. DAMN! Hopefully there are more ppl and i need to buy more stuff so that everyone could use the same colour together.

Anwy girls!
GOOD LUCK for the competition yea!

Be confident!

I'll alwiz be Muriel's supporter.


Cheer for Muriel at Putra Indoor Stadium this Saturday & Sunday.
It will be a super duper great to have you thr!
You don't want to miss this great event!


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Porridge porridge~

Hello everyone!
Yup! Obviously in a very good mood. Hehe..

I attended an interview today at an Audit firm near KL Sentral. (Actually quite far..not really within walking distance.) The interview went very well, the interviewers were extremely friendly and the environment is quite comfortable. I guess i might like it there if i get accepted. But anwy, keep my fingers crossed! Hopefully i get lucky enough to get accepted and i could end my holidays soon! I can't take this anymore!!

My mum actually drop me off for my interview today as i am so lost in KL. You wouldn't believe i'm from KL. I guess i'm more familiar with Melaka roads more than here. I don't go out that often here. Even with my dear, we prefer staying home watching series while spending time together. Anwy, mum drop me off. My appointment was at 10am but i got there about 9.30am. My mum went off to Midvalley while waiting for me. Poor thing~ Thanks mum! The interview lasted for about 1 hour +. (At least better than my previous interview, it took me 2 hours+ to finish that interview.)

Was really happy with the interview. Even though there might be chances that i don't get this job, but still i'm happy that i've gone through this and gain some experiences. But still, i hope for the best. Getting into there would be good too coz it's in the TOP 10 Accounting Firm 2009.

So my mum picked me up not long after that, and told her excitingly about my interview. She actually js ordered a cup of coffee and before even sitting down to enjoy it and i called her to tell her i finish my interview. Really so poor thing~ Mum's are the best!

She bought me my favourite food - PORRIDGE for lunch. She bought it from Garden's 老油鬼鬼. How nice! It was Scallop porridge with 油条. It was my 1st time trying it and mum has been telling me so many times how delicious it is. So when i heard that she bought it for me..i was really's my favourite food ma~

So when i got back home..i was really excited to try it.

And~ it's really YUMMY!!
Should go try it. There's one shop also at Food Republic of Pavilion.
Yummy yummy yummy~
It's looks like a small meal..but it's actually quite full when you finish everytg.

So if you enjoy porridge like me...mayb you should go try this. It's nice. Seriously!

Monday, June 15, 2009

What should i do?

Another new week with nothing to do at home.
I will be bored to death someday. Seriously!
Currently in JOB SEEKING MODE.

Wondering what i could do during these times of waiting.

I'm excited for the Cheerleading competition next month. CHEER 2009!
Sis is the captain this year n i'm sure she's very stressed out. I'm gonna help out in the MAKE UP for the cheerleaders. Finally i could contribute something. Last few years i was back in Melaka and i rushed back every year for the competitions. I'm a SUPER FAN of MURIEL CHEERLEADING TEAM. I was Ex-captain leh. Haha. After so many years, i still love dance and cheerleading so much. Even though i don't dance much now, but i still love it a lot. I know the team has improved a lot, and my sis is really a great choreographer..i hope they could do well during this year's competition. Muriel Keep Your SPIRIT UP!!!

Anwy, to those who are interested in watching the competition, it is on July 4th & 5th, 9a.m Bukit Jalil Indoor Stadium. There will be lots of games and prizes to be won..and not forgetting..LOTS OF GIRLS! So guys, don't miss out the chance to be thr with hundreds of girls! Oh will be super noisy. What do you expect from a closed up arena full of girls? So, be prepared for some screaming and shouting!!



Cousin Lawrence will be coming here with his family again on July 19th because he will be going for the Manchester United VS Malaysia match at Bukit Jalil. HOHOHOHO. That would be "fun" to watch. My bro and cousin Nicholas will be joining him. As for his family and mine, we will all be staying at CITITEL at Midvalley. HOHOHO!! Excited! I could shop until midnite. Go bowling, watch midnite show, sing karaoke. WOOHOO!! Lots of things to do there. YIPPIE!

Hoping dearie could stay thr with us. Then we could spend some time together. It will be fun shopping there and going back to the hotel when we're tired. haha. Kinda like GENTING hor.


Grandma's birthday will be during October. END of October i think. Long way to go. 90th birthday! We will all be going back to JB for the celebration. BIG CELEBRATION yea~ It will be really fun gathering with all my relatives again. Hehehe~



Family day Family day Family day!!

Half a year more to go to plan for family day. Accomodation, Food, Games..we really need to plan for all this quick. Currently we're looking for a nice resort that could accomodate the whole family of 50+ ppl. CHEAP & NICE resort.

For those who are curious in what i am talking about, Well..every year..mostly during Christmas period, my family would all gather up. By saying family i don't mean only my dad, my mum, sis and bro..NOPE NOPE NOPE! I'm talking about relatives..THE BIG FAMILY. Which is about 50+ ppl would go to a resort together, stay a that everyone could spend time together with the family. We will have lots of games, karaoke, mahjong session, football match, swimming competitions..and NICE FOOD!

The point of having this is to pull the family closer to each other. Everyone is busy with their own stuff for the whole year, and this is the one day where everyone could stay together, talk to each other...n kids can js stay up late and have fun..NO LIMITS!

Js imagine a small kampung, where your neighbours are all your relatives..where you spend time with them everyday..watching tv together..eating your meals together. Well, it's some sort of that feeling. Where everyone of your family is near you. So FAMILY DAY has been an important event for us for quite many years..since 1990s. This has brought us lots of closeness in our family and we really enjoy being together with each other for that one day.

This year, my batch~ the younger cousins..hehe..are the organizers again. Still, we need the help of past organizers. Can't wait for family day!

And this year there's sumtg dear is joining us! Hope he will enjoy this~


Happy Anniversary Sweetheart

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Happy Anniversary


Happy 9 months Anniversary.
I'm glad we're still happy together. N we will be happier each day together.
Ups and downs has let us appreciate each other more.
I hope for many many more months and many many more years to come.

~I *heart* You~

Mascara Mascara Mascara~

It's finally here!!!

Shiseido's brand - Majorlica Majorca!!

It's a Japanese brand and before this it was only sold in Japan so i can't get it here.

But but but......I SAW IT!! IT'S AT WATSON!!

Mascara mascara mascara~

I want it so much!!

But it's RM45.90!! Damn damn damn!!
I want it so much...will get it soon!

I remember i tried Pei Xian's Mascara when she got it back from Japan. It was reli nice..the effect of the mascara was reli good and i fell in love wit it. Unfortunately i can't find it in Malaysia so i went into EBAY to search for it and the prices are ridiculously HIGH! And lucky for me, i didn't get it then, coz the price now is lower compared last year's EBAY price.

So...i will soooo get it. Should i go get it tmr?? hehe...


Coz i'm dreaming of you tonite~

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Yes i am soooo jobless now!!!
Waiting for results, waiting to apply for job.

My results are not that good, so i don't think it's possible for me to get into big companies. But still, i need to keep trying to get myself into the right track. Hoping that i'll have a good career, to have a great future with my hubby. =) I'll still be applying to good companies, and if i can't get into any good audit firms, i might try to get into the commercial line.


The new beginning..will be a very hard beginning. Pray hard that i could get a good job. Hopefully soon. Pass/Fail results will be out latest by 11th of June, and the grades will be out latest by 17th. Till then, i could only wait and wait. I could only apply for jobs when the results are out.


Good luck to me. Good luck to my dear. Good luck to our future.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Pressie from Kai Ming

Sweet sweet Kai Ming gave me an early birthday present..hehe.


Yellow roses = Friendship? haha...

Anwy, thanks so much for de roses~

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Porridge Nite

Yummy Porridge Nite with Thomas and Kai ming~

Porridge House move ady..didn't get to eat it wit my dear de last time he came. This time went wit my gang loo...YUM!! Porridge is my favourite!

We ordered damn lots. 2 big bowls of porridge. Eat till soooo full. N it was supper. FAT!!

Monday, May 4, 2009

The ending of this. The beginning of that

In about 4 weeks, i will be leaving MMU! FOREVER!! (nope nope..graduation's not til August)
Friends will all go separate ways, and we might find fewer chances to meet up.
Soon, it's the beginning of a new journey, new route, new path..
Seeing new things, experiencing the world..

Wondering whether i would be ready for it after 4 weeks. The new beginning of things.

Feeling sad to leave all this, the fun friends, the crazy moments, the midnight clubbing..I won't get that anymore once i start working. ('s coz i have a boring life in KL. It's like PRISON!)

Even so, i'm excited to experience the changes. There will still be good things happening i believe. Earning money to support myself. (And also to save super lots of money to buy a house with dear..not forgetting to pay PTPTN back also.)

There won't be lots of crazy moments. There won't be any midnight clubbing sessions. There won't be crazy karaoke sessions. (Ahhhhh~ how sad!) But still, i'm glad to be back with my family, they are the best thing of my life. N also, 5 minutes away from HIM. No more travelling for both of us. =)

Ahhh~ study life. 4 more weeks of study life. So, i'm gonna enjoy this 4 weeks. Even though it will be occupied by books for most of the time, but still..i will try to enjoy all this. =)

Happy studying everyone!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Flu Flu go away~

I'm finally ALMOST recovered.
I was having on and off fever from Wednesday till Saturday. So cham ar...

But then, sweet sweet dearie came to Melaka. It was a surprise. I'm really very happy that he did that for me. I never thought he would come here to see me this week coz next week he'll be here again. I'm sorry sweetie..and thank you. Muaks Muaks.

I'm waiting to go out now. Going for a birthday partee woo.. Karaoke Session. But with my throat like tat..dunno how to sing pun. =(

But anwy..i'm glad to go out. hehe.


Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Loving weekend =)

Dearie came to Melaka again..=)

He don1 take photo ady~

We went to eat SIbaraku on Saturday. Yummy Yummy...he says it's better than Seoul Garden wo. haha. N den..he bought me a new purse as an early birthday present. =) Genuine Italian Leather. haha.

Thanks Darling~

I love it so much~

Love you baby- Muaks muaks~
Glad to be your girl~

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Js Babbling

So sien~

But i don have to be sien so long..My dear finally decided to come this weekend. Hehe.
Hope my housemate can get well soon lo. Den he can go Sing Karaoke with us.

Anwy, i got my pink phone ady. N it's super super nice. It look very girl..hehe. N i think de keypads are too small for a guy to handle. It's totally a girl phone la. Super love it.

Anwy, my cousin bro took some posing pictures of us during my Aunty's surprise party..haha. I js got them.. =)

I dunno why my cousin took this...but i look slim. haha. Look at my legs~ long leh. Hahhhah.

Little Joyce was forced into the photo shooting. hehe.

My cousin sisters...pretty o not? hehe..

I love this picture soooo much!

Cousin bro has ask us to be his model for his outdoor shooting. but need to wait til we all are back in JB. hehe...yippie.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Totally Pink!!!

Yippie! Finally! Everytg in Pink!!

Pink Camera.

Pink Laptop.

n finally...


Got it online. N dearie went to get it for me~
Happy Happy Happy~

Thanks so much dearie~ I owe you so much!!!

Gonna get my phone on Saturday!! YAY!!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Pink phone

I want this~
I want this~
I want this~


I love it so much!!!
I want i want i want~

Should i go get it this weekend?? Should i??? AHhhhhhh...cannot tahan!!

Whispers of the Heart =)

How do you like my new template?
Pinky~ Gila gila pink~

I'm js back from JB today.
Attended a wonderful, and very warm family party.
A surprise birthday party for my Aunt Pearl. =)
It's good to gather around people you love once in a while~

Haven't been seeing dearie for about a week.
N i miss him so much..
Can only see him this weekend. Sigh..
But anwy, Distance makes the heart grows fonder rite?
We both enjoy seeing each other after such a long time not meeting.
N it really does makes us more loving and sweet~
So i guess, distance isn't that bad..

but i still prefer being near to him. =)

Miss you sweetie~
Gdnite world!

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Dinner alone

Don't worry..
I'm not trying to sound pathetic.

I actually enjoyed my dinner alone tonite. Because i had fried rice..from my dearie.

He brought it here last weekend and kept it in the fridge.
So i made it for dinner today.

I never reli enjoyed having dinner alone. But..surprisingly it felt good today. haha..

Thanks dearie..muaks. Love you dear dear.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Love is not simple

Love is simple.

It's so simple.

You meet someone, you fall in love, you be together.

You go through ups and downs together which will make you love each other more.

Because of love, all problems won't matter at all.
Everything would be solved. Even arguments could be forgotten.

And you would wanna spend the rest of your lives with each other only because of love.

This is love. I always thought love is this beautiful.

Is it really simple?

Well, i don't know anymore.

You meet someone, you fall in love, you be together.

You go through ups and downs, and thought that it will make the love for each other stronger.

You have problems, get into arguments, and eventually feel that you won't spend the rest of your lives together, but still loving each other.

You feel that your bf/gf is your soulmate, the ONE, but they don't feel the same.

And in the end, it might not end up the way you want it to be. They leave. And you'll be left alone, thinking of why love is not simple to them.

I think, mostly love was simple for me.
But this is the only time i feel that love needs so much effort, but i still want it so much.

I believe that we'll get there. I hope he does too.
We're not giving up so easilly this time. Because we love each other.

I pray that one day i'll hear him tell me that he is so sure about this relationship.
And by then, love will be very simple for us again.

I love you, David.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Being your girl~

Counting down 2 hours..

It's our 6 months Anniversary tmr~

I love you sweetheart.

Monday, March 9, 2009


It was a wonderful weekend again..
And this week i had my boy for an extra day because of the Monday holiday. =)

We went shopping for 2 days. Leg almost break. But i managed to get a RM14 Padini top and also my beauty care product. Dearie wasn't that lucky coz he can't find a nice pair of shoes. Poor thing...

Anwy, we enjoyed ourself with our nice Tea time at Nadeje. Cake and Blueberry tea. And also a nice quiet environment. (Not until some youngsters came in and treat the place like their home, Mood Killers!)

And also finally brought him to eat Satay Celup but i guess that will be the last time bringing him coz he didn't enjoy it. keke..


I'm sorry for the way i acted on things that i have already agreed on. I just wanted to be selfish and have you for a while more. I felt lonely. The minute i saw you drove off my heart was so sad, i regretted not telling you how much i wanted you to stay. I waited till i saw you drove off from the guard house, and lied on the bed thinking about you, Wishing you were still here when i open my eyes.

I don't know i was mad at you, or at myself. But i cried and cried, until i felt silly coz you are already back home. Why didn't i tell you that i wanted you to stay for a while more? Sigh..coz i couldn't.

I love having you near me. N i love you. I had a wonderful weekend with you darling. I'll see you back home soon.

xoxo Your baby girl

Sunday, March 8, 2009


I bought NANO!

Nope guys! Not Ipod Nano.

Nano White.
Bought it from Guardian at Mahkota Parade. The sales girl was super nice and she gave me lots of free gift for buying the whole set of Nano White.

I bought the basic care product, cleansing milk, facial wash, toner..n also some intensive care product like the DNA protector, De-pigmentor and also the eye gel. kekeke..Hope it works. My face is getting so dry and de complexion is so teruk teruk teruk!!

Dearie say my stuff are getting more and more Elianto coloured. Green + White =P

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Another random post

Back in melaka again..
It's currently studying period at my house..midterm exam soon.
Not really having problems studying also, no more floating mind..THANK GOD!

Another thing to Thank God is about my car.
The screw connected the tyre to the steering came off. The mechanic even told me scary stories of what will happen if the screw come off when i'm driving the car. Gosh..scary. But thank God it's ok now.

Missing my dear. He's super busy these few days, seldom have time to talk to him also. Hopefully he'll be here this weekend coz i'm all alone and we could spend time together also. But if he's not coming i will have to stay home study lo since everyone is not around.

I'm getting very pale these few come!!
The pictures i took last last weekend and last weekend is totally different. I look so pale.

This..i took 2 weeks ago, and below....last weekend..different??

Anwy, it's reli nice meeting my ex-colleagues again. Hehe..have some fun talking to them. =) Soon i'll be working again, reli need to enjoy this few more months of student life.'s so random. keke..

Anwy, SNSD's new song!
Gee gee gee gee~

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