Thursday, September 17, 2009


I'm back!

Gone for a long long time..keke.
Anwy, i'm back to being Jobless again. Actually already 2 weeks being jobless.

Quit my HP job as i wasn't happy there. Not that it was bad..i guess it just doesn't suit me at all.
There's still Financial Analyst position at HP. You guys can just give it a's a good time to learn in there now.

Anwy my dear blog readers,
David and I have already past our 1 year Anniversary. =)

*applause applause*

Thank God we're still very sweet & loving. =)
We went for our anniversary trip too. Our 1st couple trip after 1 year together. hehe.

Was super happy with everything. Thanks darling...for being with me. =) LOVE YOU!

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