Thursday, July 15, 2010

Fake Eyelashes

How do you apply fake eyelashes?

I seriously wanna learn how to put on fake eyelashes lor~ So pretty!

I kinda bought like 6 boxes of fake eyelashes the other day at Leisure Mall pasar malam at RM10. Yes..RM10 for 6! You might tell me that the quality might suck but who cares, i go for quantity sometimes..and why bother about the price when i'm js using it to practice. When i can effectively and efficiently (talk bout the time on applying it, as i might be using 15 minutes to apply on 1 eye!) put on fake eye lashes, then maybe i could be buying better quality ones.

Seriously i think that fake eyelashes are such a cool thing! They really make your eyes bigger. I applied it on the other day, and i felt that my eyes got bigger. I don't even need to put on BIG-EYE contact lenses. Well my eyes are not really that small, so the fake eyelashes helped a little by making my eyes more attractive. Lurve~

I didn't do a tutorial myself as my skills still sucks, but i will TRY! hahahah...


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