Friday, February 29, 2008

Cover Girl Tagged

Karlai Tagged me to be the COVER GIRL of a magazine. it is!

Haha! How is it? I was kinda lazy to find a i just simply find one to do this tagged. haha!

I want to tagged
Mei Shan
Michelle Yip
Michelle Chua

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Late Birthday post

My late birthday post for Mr Kok Weng Siong a.k.a my si kancil. haha..

If you've read my previous post, you will know i have went out to celebrate my si kancil's birthday.

ppl involved >> Thomas, Kai ming, Me, Ru Ling, Bubu, Adeline, Kim, Ma and Chris

We wanted to go to Planet Cafe for our dinner + countdown to his birthday. But then, it wasn't open. So we change our plan to Wings Cafe.

It was super hot in mlk for so many days and it rain so heavily on his birthday!

We sat inside because it was raining but then even though we could enjoy the music, it was really difficult to talk.

So anwy, i'll cut the crap and just post some photos. =P

Bear's birthday cake. Very nice..

My Si Kancil..haha!

Yumcha Gang...Thomas, Adeline, Bear and Me!

Our old old lepak gang! Miss those times!

One Big Happy Family!

Si kancil Treat us for that meal which was not cheap at all. So i ask him out for Seoul Garden because i didn't get him any present. I good o not Si kancil..haha! Hope you enjoy your meal...

Friends Forever.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Enjoying life alone but i still miss you

FYI he's still mine don misunderstand the title

Went back to KL last Wednesday to submit my resume to a firm and i straight-away got accepted. Lucky me.

Came back on Thursday and didn't really have a happy day because i was kind of accused for sumtg i didn't do. But then, it's settled. And we will alwiz be good friends.

I keep wondering why i keep getting accused for things i didn't do, and for attitude i do not have. When i treat people honestly, they think i'm fake. So what should i do? Mayb i should start treating people fakely and when people accused me i won't think i'm so innocent.

Thursday nite, i went for Pei Xian's Birthday celebration at Ayer Keroh McD. We are not so cheap-skate ok. Got 2nd round on tuesday at GOGO KTV. It was only a small gathering among her 2 groups of close frens. Even though this 2 groups are not familiar with each other, we had fun talking crap.=P

I didn't go for class on Friday because of the conflict on Thursday. we are positively alright already. But i went for dance practice at Jeannette's hs for our Japanese Culture Nite Opening Dance. We finish choreographing the dance in 7 hours. almost finish la.

We went to practice at Aeroart on Saturday and we had rehearsal at 8pm that same day. And on the same day, we decided to add another Hot Dance for our performance because we heard that UNBREAKABLE shit group will be performing also. Good luck to us in choreographing a dance in 4 days!

We went to aeroarts to practice again on Sunday and at nite at Net's hs. Super Tiring!! Gambatte!

And today, we'll be celebrating Weng Siong's Birthday which is tmr!! Muaks Muaks Si kancil!

Will be going out later wit my gang to Planet Cafe to gather and mayb later will go Sunshine. So guilty.. my dance group practising dance den i went out. Will be practising dance like mad on wednesday!

Happy early Birthday Weng Siong a.k.a Si Kancil.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Hair-do again

Went to dye my hair again.
No more Golden hair girl.
Js the normal dark coloured hair.
but i like it. =P

Going for internship soon..

Don't think any boss would want to see a golden coloured hair girl in his office.

And tmr i need to go submit my resume to the firm personally, which is why i went to dye my hair.
1st impression must alwiz be good!

Melaka has finally have a Karaoke place!! Yippie!

Well, i haven been thr yet! but soon..i will go!

Excited..i love singing la!

Nothg much happen to me this pass few days..

js that i'm still in the CNY mood..

haven get my soul back yet. My soul's still holiday-ing

I recieved an email that i won RM100 voucher from nuffnang to eat at TGI Friday's!

click to enlarge

Thanks so much Nuffnang!
Now i can go for a nice meal wit my family tmr =)

He's still mine

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Happy CNY

Back in Melaka!
But then, miss all classes on the 1st day coz i'm sick. When to the doctor to get my medicine and also MC for the day.

But i'm OK now.

Lots to catch up wit my blog.

Haven even finish updating my post about Sandakan's trip.
And some CNY's picture.

It really was a busy CNY.
Visiting most of my relatives in Kota Tinggi and Johor Bahru.
I really like it a lot when it comes for family reunion, all gathering together.

This year we went to a restaurant to have our reunion dinner wit all relatives. We alwiz had dinner at home only wit my aunt's family and my family.

4 tables for the dinner. The price for the food that nite was really $$. Not bad at all.

We all slept really early on New Year's Eve because we had to attend a super early mass the next day.

So after mass, we went to a few places to Bai Nian.

About 2pm, my cousin Ben brought me, Sam and Gracy to TGI Fridays coz he promise that he will give me a treat.

Nice meal yo! and guess wat! We left TGI without paying! hehe.
Coz my cousin is a Manager there la. So he can bring people thr and we can eat for free, But then he must be eating wit us too in order for us to have free meal at TGI.

Love Love Cousin!!

At nite, we went for Bai Nian again. Cousin Ben promise that when i reach 21 years old he will bring me out for clubbing. So that nite, he brought me and cousin Dom and his GF to Cabana.

Fun nite!!

The next few days was really tiring coz i already starting to get quite sick. But then i still continue to go Bai Nian wit my family.

It was a fun new year though, even though tiring and SICK.

Anwy, introducing my pretty cousin. Hehe! I'm like her personal photographer. Took some of her pictures in Sabah and also during CNY. Hehe.

Chinese New Year

Sabah Trip i did her makeup

Pretty o not?

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Having fun wit myself

=P Happy Chinese New Year =)

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