Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I'm still here

I'm so sorry for disappearing so long. =)
Well actually i have 2 more papers to go through and they are 2 continuous papers so i'm busy studying the 2 subjects togethers.

But anwy, i js wanna say thank you to all who had celebrated my birthday with me. I really enjoyed it a lot and i love all of you. *Weng siong, Chai Wen, Adeline, Tian Shen, Kai Ming, Chris, Thomas, Sky Wong, My dear..and all those people that wished me at Pure bar, Michelle, Victor and also Chow Chiat*

So...you kno wat i did during birthday?

>>Herbal soup steamboat
>>River cruise
>>Pearl Cafe
>>Pure Bar

I will blog about it when i have time to transfer all the photos. Hehe =P

But anwy, stay tune for the birthday post.

Friday, May 16, 2008

In the process of getting older

My best friend came yesterday with her group of friends to stay at my house.
Yeah. i know it's final exam period but they were pretty quiet coz they didn't want to disturb me.

They went to the Jetty for their Karaoke session, pity can't join them.
So i waited for them for dinner.

Dear went to climb "Bear bear" hill with Mr bear and his dog Lucky. How nice...i wanna go out too~

My friends came back about 6pm and js started crapping wit me a while. And suddenly, they started singing the birthday song. Oh gosh..
PhotobucketThe bought a birthday cake! my birthday is May 17th. tmr. I'm really so glad. *huggies*

Happy Birthday

I told my friend before she came that i didn't want to celebrate on the 16th as i have paper the next day. So she went and buy the cake yesterday to celebrate earlier. Thank you so much.

Anwy, Mr bear has plans for my birthday dy! Thanks for celebrating wit me =)

Monday, May 12, 2008

Time for myself

Exam in 2 days and here i am, blogging.
Not that i'm not concentrating. I've been studying for quite some time so i thought of giving myself some rest, for 10 minutes maybe??? *wink wink*

It has been a busy week. Studying, studying and studying. Had been trying to memorize lots of stuff. TRYING. Arghhh....

Envy those with good brains. I want good brain too!

OK! I'm fine with mine.

Birthday coming soon, but seems that nobody is free to celebrate my birthday. Yeah, there are still a few very good frens who said they would like to celebrate it for me like my ah ko Thomas and my Si Kancil. I really thank them a lot for letting me feel i even exist. But still, i ask them not to celebrate it for me. Exam period, all busy.

Sometimes birthdays really makes me scared. It's like a time where you will know whether people remembered you or not, whether you mean anything to them, whether they even treat you as a fren. So, it's important to me.

My family will alwiz wishes me. My sis, my bro my dad and my mum, would each send me an SMS. Every year, since the 1st year i studied here. Recieving wishes from frens is also very very nice. And normally, i would even keep those messages for more than a week, and do not want to delete them. It's a special feeling.

I seldom recieved any presents. and actually, those aren't the most important things. And well, everyone is busy during my birthday due to the exams so i guess it's really hard to ask people to go and shop for my present. But really, i love your presence in my life. Just treat me as a real fren and i'll really be glad enough.

I really hope i could do well for this coming exam. I choose not to compare with others but to set a target for myself and to beat that target. Comparing with others making oneself stressful. Even though competitiveness is good, but why torture yourself when you don't have the ability to do what others do? As my mum says "Try Your Best!" not "Try to be other's Best!"

Anwy, good luck to all Delta Accounting Students!

P.S. : Happy Mother's Day!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Early Birthday Present

Dear gave me an early birthday present...=)
Something i wanted to buy for a very long time.

As you all know i love to makeup..not reli a lot, but i love to see how it performs magic.

I don't alwiz put on lots of make up. But still, i have lots of stuff that i do not know where to keep it nicely. So, finally i got something to put my precious stuff. Thanks to my darling~Photobucket

My own make up box!Photobucket

Oo..saw my fake eye lashes?? hehe....Photobucket

This is not the end



Thanks dear~ i reli love it a lot~


Sunday, May 4, 2008


Before coming back to Melaka, mum made me a dessert.

Longan Cincau with Syrup!

Super love it la~

1st you need to prepare the syrup. I don't reli know how my mum cook it. But it's sugar, water and pandan leave. Stir til boiling, leave it to cool and store it.

Home Made Syrup

Buy some Longan. Can longan will do. And also buy cincau. They sell it in supermarket, packed like those japanese taufoo.

After you got all these stuff, you can start making the desert.

Do anytg you like with the cincau. Cut it..or whatever. My mum make the cincau look like worms or maybe you could say it look like 发菜 but i dunno what's the name of board she uses to make it like that.

The worm-like cincau


Take a bowl, put some cincau and ice. Add in some longan, and then pour in the syrup.

Look nice~?

Taste nice too~


Thursday, May 1, 2008


Bought some make up accesories stuff yesterday.
Played wit the fake eyelashes.

The power of FAKE EYE LASHES

Going home tmr. yeah yeah~
Js finish packing all the stuff to bring home. Lots!

Such a hot day today~

Went to Malim for lunch jsnwwith my dear dear. Yong Tau Foo.

I don't reli know how to tell you where is it. Eh...it's behind at Mobil Station.

Like to eat there..but it's really heaty so need to drink lots of liang cha. Delicious~ hehe.


I ordered Dry Kuey Teow for myself...i love kuey teow. No mee for me thank you!

Various stuff of Yong Tao Foo. Yummy...but heaty.



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