Sunday, August 17, 2008

Too much food

It's a never ending parteeee when i'm back in KL.

It started off with the Red & White anniversary party at Auntie's house..
And than, another Blue Top and Dark Bottom theme party.
Karaoke session at Red Box Plus with The Chiam's Family.
Beer Partee after Karaoke Session.

And yesterday we all went to have buffet at 18th floor, Federal hotel Revolving restaurant.

RM45++ per person.

Could see the whole of KL. It uses about 1 hour to turn the whole round.

But i didn't took much pictures..was busy eating. 16 of us..big bunch. NOISY bunch.

I didn't care. I js happily ate all the sashimis provided. Yum Yum!

Enjoy enjoy...hehehe...

Syiok Sendiri time...

There could be lots of photos..of me..

Please Beware.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Mummy's cake again

Remember the cake my mum bake the other day?

Here's it again..hehe. I forgotten to post up pictures when it was cut. So here it is..


Wednesday, August 13, 2008

In a boring state

Another one week plus til i will be going to Melaka to watch the Summer Live Concert 2008. Damn excited..

But it's like time is passing so super slowly..=(

I miss my dear so much lo..
for 5 days i never talk to him on de phone coz he went to Taiwan..

Finally yesterday he came back..happy happy happy!

Next week can see him ady..3 months never see him. I wonder whether he also misses me..=)

Can't wait to finish my training than i can go for my holiday..damn hard to pass time.
Somemore now cant go for field work..doing data entry all the time. CAN DIE!

Sigh..god bless me la.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Melaka i'm coming back!!


I finally got my Summer Live Concert Tickets which will be held on 23rd August at MITC. So damn happy.

One person can get 2 tickets.

I actually plan on going to Sungei Wang to line up for the tickets last saturday because i reli wanna go for that concert and really hope to see my boy.

3 months ady never see him..

I keep thinking of that 2 tickets i can get if i go line up..sigh...

But anwy..i didn't line up that day. And also didn't get the tickets that day.

However, i got the ticket from someone else.



Gave 2 away so i got 8 more left.

Cool o not!!
Shuang o not!

But sorry...all reserved for my good frens liao loo..heheh..

Happy Happy!!

Can see Jolin, Rainie, and Show! Yippie!

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