Thursday, July 15, 2010

Fake Eyelashes

How do you apply fake eyelashes?

I seriously wanna learn how to put on fake eyelashes lor~ So pretty!

I kinda bought like 6 boxes of fake eyelashes the other day at Leisure Mall pasar malam at RM10. Yes..RM10 for 6! You might tell me that the quality might suck but who cares, i go for quantity sometimes..and why bother about the price when i'm js using it to practice. When i can effectively and efficiently (talk bout the time on applying it, as i might be using 15 minutes to apply on 1 eye!) put on fake eye lashes, then maybe i could be buying better quality ones.

Seriously i think that fake eyelashes are such a cool thing! They really make your eyes bigger. I applied it on the other day, and i felt that my eyes got bigger. I don't even need to put on BIG-EYE contact lenses. Well my eyes are not really that small, so the fake eyelashes helped a little by making my eyes more attractive. Lurve~

I didn't do a tutorial myself as my skills still sucks, but i will TRY! hahahah...


Friday, June 4, 2010

Pink lady back again


How long did i stop blogging bout my life?Hmm...ever since i started a blog with dearie, i never seem to update here anymore.

Well, life is good. I gotten a new phone..the fantastic Iphone 3Gs. N it's really an awesome gadget! i know dear will agree with me. HAHA. Dearie gotten the same thing too just that his is in black and mine is white..too bad it doesn't have pink..haha. But i have a pink cover for it. So precious~ hehe.

Will be having a trip to Taiwan soon~ with dearie and also my cousin+ her boy. Very very excited bout it coz i have been wanting to go to Taiwan for a long long time..dream come true! Next dream...DISNEYLAND. Anyone wanna sponsor? =P

My job is still going well too...but the learning curve is real slow. Need to be patience..hoping to finish my ACCA sooner. Exam for P1 paper is on June 14th. Hopefully i don't fail. Studying in the office..hehe. I'm quite free now coz it's almost off peak. And i'm already on leave next week..HAPPY! too bad i have exams if not i can go paktor with my darling since he is on leave too...but it's still great that we're both on leave together and he will be accompanying me.. =)

So anwy, pray for me yea...hope i pass!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Lasik Surgery

I broke my glasses the other day and had to live without them for a day...Despite a short 24 hours, it was the most torturing day after so many years. I have always heard about Lasik surgery but never bother to look into it (probably because I never realized how hard it is without my glasses)

So I started researching about Lasik surgery and it turned out to be a shock to me. Survey shown that Lasik is the most often performed surgery in the US. Some might be scared of Lasik Surgery (just like I did) but actually, the surgery does not let you suffer any pain, and the recovery can be as little as a few hours (my glasses took longer than that to get fixed), but most see well in about a day or two. The US Lasik results data are available at their website.

It shows that 99% report quality of life as expected, better, or much better. I should really start considering about doing it once and for all.

I've looked into the web and saw a place that has been serving eye patients for more than 35 years. Stahl Eye Center doctors' patients' outcomes have been independently verified by nonprofit Lasik patient advocacy USAEyes to meet or exceed the national norms for Lasik results. Fewer than 100 doctors nationwide have attained this certification. Stahl Eye Center doctors are graduates from top universities such as UCLA, John Hopkins and Yale, so our EYE will be in good hands! Go to their website to check out more about the doctor's information. Stahl Eye Center has three locations in New York including Manhattan and Long Island. Too bad i'm too far away from those places, i would totally consider going there to check my eyes! Guess I'll just have to research for some places in the local area.

Staying near Garden City, New York? Then you're in luck !!
Click below for more information about Stahl Eye Center - Garden City, NY
Stahl Eye Center Garden City NY

Thursday, May 13, 2010

E Billing

Met up with a long lost friend the other day and he told me that he started a business providing e-billing for companies. Well I am not in any businesses but did he tell me much about the benefits of E Billing for different businesses (Well, except for paper saving).

I am definitely an environmental care person and supportive of how things should be done electronically but little did I know that having an E Billing Software could be this powerful. You get better record / archiving system, secured data, cost savings, better management of outflow and inflow of invoices / payments and so much more !!!

With the advancement of technology, many jobs have been electronically done – giving less room for the conventional paper filings / billings. Consequently, many businesses are looking for the correct E Billing Solutions for them. I could actually see many different companies are now established to provide such services (just like what my friend did). Believe me, there is such potential in the local market.

This is where globalization has come in place. Not only the local market, my friend provides E Billing services to some foreign companies. This tells me that e-billing can actually be done in any part of the world.

So guess who paid for our drinks? Haha…

Sunday, January 3, 2010

I dunno wat is this

Enlarge your house with glue

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