Thursday, May 13, 2010

E Billing

Met up with a long lost friend the other day and he told me that he started a business providing e-billing for companies. Well I am not in any businesses but did he tell me much about the benefits of E Billing for different businesses (Well, except for paper saving).

I am definitely an environmental care person and supportive of how things should be done electronically but little did I know that having an E Billing Software could be this powerful. You get better record / archiving system, secured data, cost savings, better management of outflow and inflow of invoices / payments and so much more !!!

With the advancement of technology, many jobs have been electronically done – giving less room for the conventional paper filings / billings. Consequently, many businesses are looking for the correct E Billing Solutions for them. I could actually see many different companies are now established to provide such services (just like what my friend did). Believe me, there is such potential in the local market.

This is where globalization has come in place. Not only the local market, my friend provides E Billing services to some foreign companies. This tells me that e-billing can actually be done in any part of the world.

So guess who paid for our drinks? Haha…

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