Friday, June 4, 2010

Pink lady back again


How long did i stop blogging bout my life?Hmm...ever since i started a blog with dearie, i never seem to update here anymore.

Well, life is good. I gotten a new phone..the fantastic Iphone 3Gs. N it's really an awesome gadget! i know dear will agree with me. HAHA. Dearie gotten the same thing too just that his is in black and mine is white..too bad it doesn't have pink..haha. But i have a pink cover for it. So precious~ hehe.

Will be having a trip to Taiwan soon~ with dearie and also my cousin+ her boy. Very very excited bout it coz i have been wanting to go to Taiwan for a long long time..dream come true! Next dream...DISNEYLAND. Anyone wanna sponsor? =P

My job is still going well too...but the learning curve is real slow. Need to be patience..hoping to finish my ACCA sooner. Exam for P1 paper is on June 14th. Hopefully i don't fail. Studying in the office..hehe. I'm quite free now coz it's almost off peak. And i'm already on leave next week..HAPPY! too bad i have exams if not i can go paktor with my darling since he is on leave too...but it's still great that we're both on leave together and he will be accompanying me.. =)

So anwy, pray for me yea...hope i pass!

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