Sunday, December 30, 2007

Welcoming a great year ahead

Very soon it will be 2008.
Suddenly we're already in December and there is 2 more days for year 2007.

Memories filled my year and i know i've grown up.
I've made enemies..not forgetting good friends too.
Some friends are not as close anymore but i still have them close at heart.
Didn't have a very nice 21st birthday celebration, but i'm thankful GOD brought me all this way.
Cousins got married and I cried during their weddings.
Studied harder then i ever did.
Went to the Casino for the very 1st time.
Parents bought a car for me so that i don't need to walk to campus. Thanks Dad and Mum.
Had quite a few arguments with HIM but i still love him.
Went clubbing with my coursemate/best friend for the very 1st time....she enjoyed.
Played bowling for the 1st time. I LOVE IT.
Organizing Family Day for the 1st time with Gracy and understood how hard is it.
Many friends going to other places to study. Lesser friends here.
Went to KL with all my friends. Fun!
Went to see the fireworks at Putrajaya with him, jam all the way thr. 12 hours trip.
Cried in front of HER when i heard her story of being Betrayed. Be strong and be wise girl..
Cut my hair short, and getting shorter still.
Brought HIM home..finally.
Getting fatter..hmm....
Learned Japanese..

And now...2008 is finally here.
MMU students will be starting our wonderful year with Exams.
So great...

But anwy, for the coming year..I hope..
I could make less enemies..and have more friends.
Be tolerate with everyone.
Study well
Gather with old friends and have good memories.
Help HIM in succeding in his new JOB. (still a secret)
Most importantly, I hope I could have a healthy, peaceful and happy year.

Cheers to the coming of YEAR 2008!
Happy new year everyone.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Count Down

Count down....
Yup, definitely people are discussing about count down 2007 ---> 2008
But no...that's not what i wanna talk about now.

Count down five days to my 1st exam.

Die Die Die Die DIE

I'm so gonna fail my papers.
I have 5 days left n i haven touch any of my notes.

Why must the exams be so close to Christmas and New Year??!!

Went back last Thursday n spend the whole day with my family at Pavilion.
Studied Law subject's "Company Secretary" chapter on Friday.
Didn't really remember anything i read.
Went to JB for Family Day at JB.
Back on Sunday. Studied "Company Secretary" chapter AGAIN.
Monday, still turning the pages of "Company Secretary"
Tuesday, Christmas! Went to church in the morning, went to Klang for lunch, went to James hs for dinner. No "Company Secretary" today.
And finally today...i'm back here in Melaka.

So one week i'm back home...I DIDN'T STUDY ANYTHING!

Shit! I'm so gonna fail!

Auditing?? Ethics?? Law??

At least i have confident in one subject.


Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas Eve

Family day was a blast! I really hope everyone enjoyed it. It was such a relieved for Gracy and I. Next year, Dominic will not be here anymore as he will be studying in New Zealand. Guess Gracy and I need to do everything without our helpful cousin.

My favorite season of the year. Christmas. Season of love.
A day where family and friends gather to sing Christmas carols and exchange presents.
It's been a long time since i receive any Christmas presents from my mum or dad, but i still love Christmas.

Will be going for church later for Christmas Eve mass. I love Christmas masses.
Tmr, will be going to my auntie's house in Klang. It's like a tradition for us. Every year we will be at her house to celebrate Christmas. With lots of food to eat. TURKEY!! and LAMB!

Sometimes i really wish i could be with my friends at Melaka to celebrate. Clubbing maybe?
But kind of impossible for me coz I'm a Catholic and my mum wouldn't be happy if i didn't come back to celebrate with my family.

Anwy, i will be back in Melaka on Wednesday., but don't think i could go out for New Year countdown. Exams on the 2nd. I haven even really started on my studies. I really can't concentrate here in KL. Hopefully i don't fail any of my papers this semester.

Merry Christmas everyone!
And a Happy New Year too!

Friday, December 21, 2007

KL - JB - KL - MLK

Big day.
Our annual Family day again.

Nothing different.

Js that me and Gracy will be in charge of it.

How How How?

Rush back from Melaka yesterday..

Finally did some shopping at Pavillion.

Mum got RM750 cash voucher, but 5 of us only use up RM300+
Parkson Pavilion is really.....expensive.
Anything that i like is cost more than Rm150.
Thanks God for SALES!!

I manage to buy 2 tops to match my newly bought Skinny Jeans.

Was looking for Jeans around Parkson Pavilion but the jeans are all RM300++.

More expensive than my Guess Jeans!
But neway..i like the 2 tops i bought.

Disappointed i can't get any nice shoes.
The shoes are super expensive also.
But mum manage to get one that she like...

envy envy..i want shoes too.

But nothing i saw is what i want.

After shopping, we went to The Ship for dinner.


I ordered Chicken Au Chambertin.

It's chicken chop covered with Mushroom+Red wine sauce.
Not forgetting my Oxtail Soup.


I thought mum will buy some doughnuts but she said there is too many people lining up. doughnuts!

Me want Doughnuts!

When i got home it was ady 10pm.

Super exhausted!

Went straight to sleep after bathing.

Super excited for Family day tmr.

It's actually a gathering of my Mum's Family and the children are always excited bout it.
I'm still a child. =P

As i know..this year we have bout 70 ppl going.

And the family day is held at the same resort.

But still..the children love it.

I love it.

Me and Gracy preparing for the games and also schedule of family day.

Time to eat, time to play.

Will be coming back on Sunday.
During then it's time to prepare for Christmas!!
I love this season!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year Everyone!

Friday, December 14, 2007


Back in KL!

Well, it's my cousin's wedding tmr so i came back and will be going back to Melaka on Sunday.

Rushing for assignments everyday..real stressful!
still got 1 more presentation and 2 more assignments to be completed.

Didn't really manage to diet for attending tmr's wedding..dunno whether i will look nice in that dress o not. hehe...

Nothg much to crap i will blog again soon!
Look out for wedding photos again!!

にほんご 日本語

こんにちは、私はAudrey です
私のblog を歓迎


Saturday, December 8, 2007

KL Trip!

Finally finished all our midterm exams.
N we were all so excited for our trip to KL.

After we finished attending all our classes in the morning yesterday, we rush back home..and prepared for our KL TRIP!

9 of us went on this trip.
Me, Dearie, Kim, Ma, Chew Wei, Christine, Adeline, Thomas, and Weng Siong

We left Melaka around 11am. Rush to Time Square for our Karaoke Session!!!
We sang from 2pm til 6.30pm..Geng o not?

My lovely, pretty, and very sincere Ji Mui, Adeline! Single and available o!!

But sadly, one of the songs was too high for me that i hurt my throat and den my voice dissapeared for the last 2 hours of our Karaoke session. (i found it ady..can talk! =P)


Wanna sing somemore......but cant!
I can't even talk properly.
I still managed to sing a few more songs when i was having sore throat.
But really sad i can't finish all the songs i have requested.

Us in Neway

After our Karaoke, We took some pictures at Time Square main entrance.
There was a big Christmas tree!!

Other than the christmas tree, we took some funny pictures too.

We went to Pavilion for dinner.

The christmas designs at Pavilion

Bought Egg tarts from the foodcourt, really yummy! Egg tart ambassador, Adeline! Hehe..

Ate dinner at DRAGON-i 龙的传人

We only ordered 4 bowls of 拉面 as the portion is enough for 2 person.

We also ordered the famous 小笼包 and 饺子.
But expensive.

After our dinner, we rush back to Time Square as we parked our car thr.
Next Destination - Eye On Malaysia.

Finally went to Eye on Malaysia.

Scenery quite beautiful but there's nothing really special about it.
But i enjoyed the time on it bcoz we were telling jokes, talking..having fun inside.

After goin on to Eye On Malaysia, it was already 12am.
Everyone said hungry so i brought them to Station 1 for yumcha and supper.
Sat there til about 1.30am and den we drove back to Melaka.

Super tired when we reach Melaka at 3.30am..
But super satisfied with the trip.
Long time since the last time i went for trips wit my Gang.

Woke up at 12pm today and went out for lunch with my ah ko Kok Wei.
He's working in Singapore now and came back to Melaka so ajak me for lunch together.

Ko, thanks for the meal!

P.S - Pictures of KL Trip will be updated again soon.

Monday, December 3, 2007

Friends + Old Town

At Old Town wit Dearie, Thomas, and Weng Siong last Saturday

Baby doing funny faces...

Uncle Bear is Reserved

for 4 or more customers

Delicious Xi Mut Milk Tea


The Uncles...

Uncle Thomas eating Omega eggs..

Old Town + Good Friends = Enjoyable

BIG temper!

Damn...i dunno why i feel so pissed off!
Keep wanting to scold ppl for no reason!

Damn! Damn! Damn!

Emo! Emo! Emo!

I wanna calm down..
Mayb i'm feeling stress for my midterm paper coming Thursday..


If not i'll KILL other ppl!!

Beware of me....for today only.

Saturday, December 1, 2007


Both of you were the couple. THE couple.
So loving, so sweet.

Why did you do this to her?

Both of you were the one, that we thought would get married, have children together.
But why did you do that, hurting her like tat?

I remember all those times where you get her little presents, even though you it's just a small fight.

And those special anniversary surprises you use to plan for her?

Where did all those memories went to?
All gone..because of another girl.

If you were not together with her, but going after another girl, you are not in fault.
But why do this behind her, when you know she loves you so much?
And now, breaking up for that girl?

Seeing her with swollen eyes hurts me.
Forcing herself to be happy in front of us, makes me feels so heart broken.

She's my best friend, and i hate seeing her like this.
I really don't understand how you could do this to hurt her!

I hate YOU!
I really wish i could kill you.

Sis, stay strong...we'll alwiz be there for you!


Finally..our 2 years Anniversary!

Happy Anniversary Baby!


Sibaraku buffet tonite!
Thanks dear...

Friday, November 30, 2007


So super bored now..
and my body feels super weak.
No class today, and i ady slept half day away.

After exam on Wednesday, I went out wit Kim, Christine and Ma for Bowling...
told you all of us ady siao Bowling.

After bowling, we went makan at Old Town.
Super missing the Xi Mut Milk Tea.
Wait for Thomas to finish exam tmr den pergi Minum again!

On the same day at nite, we went for Badminton.
And the next day, my bodyis like going to break into pieces. Hehe..
I couldn't wake i skip morning class but went for Japanese class and Company Law at noon.
But i skip again after tat.

Kim and Ma ajak me and Dear out for dinner.
So i went into Net's blog to see wat nice restaurant she had introduced when she was at Melaka.
So i brought them for dinner at Our Planet Cafe.'s reli nice!

After dinner thr, we went for 2nd round at Newton.
Hehe...I had Takoyaki and Kim bought Chicken Wings.

Went out yumcha wit Thomas and Bear Bear around 1am.
at Lulu..hehe...
Lulu is not the shop's name, just wat we call the lady.
Because she alwiz say LULU

Finish our Yumcha session around 3.30am.
Super super slpy...
tat's why i slept for the whole day today.

Sunday, November 25, 2007


A. 被點到名字的要在自己的博客裏寫下自己的答案,然後去掉一個你最不喜歡的問題再加上一個你的問題,仍然組成20個問題,傳給其他8個人,列出其他8個需要 回答問題的人的名字,還要到這8個人的博客裏留言通知對方----你被點名了,被點名者不得拒絕回答問題,完成遊戲的人將會永遠得到大家的祝福。


1. 小时候的理想是什么?


2. 这辈子最快乐的是什么事?


3. 你今天的心情如何?


4. 你有多久没有談戀愛了﹖

5. 曾經逗留在外面到深夜没回家嗎?(旅行不算)

6. 最受不了自己哪個缺點


7. 如果有不開心的事情,你會怎麽辦?

8. 最害怕失去的东西?

9. 五年内比较现实的目标是什么?

有一份很好的工作, 赚很多钱 .



友善咯..跟我一样很疯咯..爱玩吧~! 哈哈!

自大, 骄傲.

13. 觉得自己是个怎样的人?

大多数朋友觉得我很傻吧, 受委屈也不说


没有! 做女生很幸福!


不怎么样. 还有很多别的人存在啊!


应该还好, 如果对方不介意可以继续做






i'm tagging only 5 ppl la. haha..



Lee Hong

Kok Wei

Kean Shen


Badminton + Futsal = TIRED!

I dunno what went wrong with our heads last nite.
We played badminton like we usually do every week til 12am.
N den SUDDENLY Choon Wai suggested Futsal.
Anwy, Thomas came also today.
Kena paksa to play wit us.

I dunno how to play FUTSAL!!

The guys were great!

N funny!

Real funny!

After scoring goals..they ran like those football player, shirts covering their face, and MR Thomas Tan..wanted to slide on the grass like those football players.

Oi! Fake grass la!

So in the end...can't slide..not slippery at all..and end
I really dunno how to describe!

Me and Kim played for a while only and we sat at the side...
dunno how to play!

Christine played til the end..
Way to go girl!
I guess you can't feel your hands and legs today.
She played Tennis in the evening, den continued with Badminton at nite, and continued with Futsal! Super energetic la...if me..i died ady.

We only played for half an hour, and headed straight to pasar borong.
Everyone so super hungry..and tired!

Let's do it again!

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Green Monster

I've dyed my hair..finally dyed my hair.

Chio! haha..

Ah Guan helped me mix up some colours and i really love it.
Highlighted my hair and cover up with a green+yellow+brown dye.
But my highlight is GREEN.

Green monster.

But Thomas said it looks OK, not too scary.
Personally, i really like it.
My bf say de colour damn Chio.
Make me look fairer..haha.

Scared to wash it.
scared that the green will fade away.
Coz it looks super nice now.

Thanks Ah Guan again...

Super love looking like a Japanese. Haha!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Big Girls Don't Cry

These few days people keep buzzing me to ask me why i cry..
Guys...don't misunderstood.
I have wrote a status msg for Yahoo Messenger

"Big Girls don't cry. You can hold my hand if you want to, cause i wanna hold yours too."

I just fell in love with Fergie's song - Big Girls Don't Cry.
It really has nothg to do with me crying o not.
So don't you guys worry.
I'm real fine.

And the part where i wrote [You can hold my hand if you want to, cause i wanna hold yours too]

Go browse the lyrics of the song, i'm sure you will find it.

So people who care so much about me, i'm so grateful!
But reli, i'm fine. I just love the song so much.
Which is why i put it as my blog song.

I'm a big girl, so i don't cry. =P

Anwy, is fetching a guy friend to class a crime??
Why people from my class staring like i'm a criminal?

The guy friend is Mr. Thomas Tan la..
My lepak buddy since alpha.

So why are you people staring and showing me blur faces like "I tot she has a bf?? Hiao!"
Yeah i have a bf. And FYI - he's my bf's best buddy from his hometown.

So stop staring like you never see a girl fetch a guy b4.

Me = Innocent


Monday, November 19, 2007

Exhausted by classes

I haven been updating my blog these few days.
Guess i'm having such a busy week and i didn't have the mood to update anytg.

I had a reli tiring week, bcoz i'm taking 4 subjects this semester including Japanese.
Having 8am class for 3 days a week is really killing.
Thursday should be the worst. Class from 8am til 6pm. I have only 1 hour break at 9am.
I guess i will be so tired for the rest of this semester.

Other than super tiring early and long hour classes, we have super loads of presentations and also assignments.
We don't really have much time to do everytg all at the same time, but we don't really have a choice as this is a very fast pace semester.

I'm having my 1st midterm exam this coming saturday.
I haven even studied, which i tot of doing so after i finish blogging. =P

Besides having classes, assignments and presentation, i did went out when i'm free.
Badminton every monday [except today],
Bowling once in a while [i bowled twice last week],
Yumcha during the weekend til about [4.30am].
Watched a beauty pageant at Jusco/meet my KL fren at Jusco [the event held by her company]

I took lots of pictures of the beauty pageant. But so lazy to upload it now..
But please look forward to it, coz the girls are really pretty.
Seriously pretty!
I was lucky not to listen to my fren and join the crazy pageant.
Those girls are so pretty, and if i join i will be like final place of the final place???
But anwy, the theme for the pageant was Beautiful legs..
I guess my fren was still having the memories of me having beautiful leg and nice body.
[come on..i was thin once! Very thin if you must know!] haha...
But i'm not now, as i have retired from gymnastic and cheerleading that's why all the muscle had lossen up..which is...damn not good!

So..i was happy going thr to see the pageant. Coz meeting my fren from KL was really enjoying.
I haven see her in about 4 years??

Anwy, done blogging.
Dinner time..
study time...
sleeping time.
BYE BYE time!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Here's some photos during Deepavali eve at Simply Fish and Pure.

Simply Fish


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