Tuesday, September 30, 2008

SUPER feeling useless

Feeling useless in the office. Ahhhhhhhhh............

Not because i'm really useless and they don give me anytg to do.
It's just that it's Raya, and everyones on leave and there's only 3 ppl left in the department.

Somemore we have just move to a new floor..super super quiet lo!

I have been surfing online for these 2 days in the office, which explains why i have time to update my blog now. =)

But anwy, i'm happily enjoying my WORKING life. It will be stressful sometimes, but most of the time i still like being here. Mainly because i can see my darling everyday. hehe.. He has been fetching me to work since 2 weeks ago..and i really like the feeling of being so near to him everyday. =)

I still remember being very scared about coming here to work. But now, I think I might feel sad when i finish my internship which is another 2 months. There's lots of nice colleagues around who helps a lot...especially Nicole from my department who alwiz 38 wit me lo.

But anwy, even though i'm happy, i'm still super glad that tmr and thursday is a holiday!! Going out wit my best friend Kim lo. and also to introduce my dear to her. =) And somemore planned to watch Mamma Mia with him and will be going pasar malam at nite. =)

Finally can really spend time wit him.

Tonite i'm going for a BBQ party at Klang too. Seems like i'm really super busy these 3 days. Hehe...

Tat's all folks. Adios!

16 days since we're together -D&A-

Monday, September 29, 2008

Gosh....how long was i gone?

Hey blog readers!
Have you miss me?

I'm so sorry for not updating in such a long time.
Well, maybe life is not that interesting in KL which is why i have nothing to update you all about.. keke..
But somehow..
someone appeared in my life..
and somehow made my life more interesting in KL.

To my friends who still do not know (not that i have informed anything or what), i'm currently dating someone new and i'm happy with this relationship. Hope it goes somewhere.

I do still feel guilty for letting HIM go and not having confidence for our relationship. I really hope he could find someone who suits him more, and really be happy with life.

As to my SOMEONE NEW...his name is DAVID.
Yes.. You all must remember DAVID!
coz he will be staying for long. hehe...
By the way, he's my colleague. =P

I really dunno how to describe all these happiness of having him wit me.
He's really sweet and considerate, and i'm just feeling so HAPPY with him.
He's staying nearby too, which is also a good thing. I can see him whenever i want. =)

All these while having long distance relationships, this time it really feels like i'm dreaming.


But..it's true. We're together. N i'm happy.

Monday, September 1, 2008


I'm back from JB!


It was a last minute plan to go to JB because dad wanted to go to the Exhibition in Singapore.

COMEX. The biggest IT exhibition!Photobucket

It was a very very very big event. The whole of SUNTEC CITY was filled with loads of people.
The exhibition ocuppied 5 storeys of the whole convention center. You can imagine how big is the event.

With lots of international brands

DELL, SONY, ACER, TOSHIBA and many many more.
Most importantly, we went for the exhibition to look for BAGMAN, which i will tell you more later. hehehe...Photobucket


We went straight to Singapore on Saturday for the IT fair.

I was shocked by how big the event was, coz we will not have such big IT fair in KL, or i should say MALAYSIA. Or there is that i do not know?

It was super crowded!

We went around, and i started asking prices for DELL laptop and also the Sony Cybershot T70.

DELL laptop was SG$1149 (RM2734++). Sony Cybershot T70 was SG$399 (RM949.62).

The camera is cheaper than Malaysia. It is about RM1099 in Malaysia, and you even need to top up to get the memory card and the casing. At the IT fair, they are giving 2 4GB memory card, 1 extra battery, a casing, a cleaning kit, and also a storing box. WORTH O NOT??Photobucket

But i didn't get it on Saturday coz my cousin said it might be cheaper on the Last day. So i waited.

DELL's offer was SG$1149 for 2GB RAM and 250GB harddisk. Which is more expensive than Malaysia's prices. So we din buy it.

On sunday, the price for DELL's Inspiron 1420 drop til SG$1099 (RM2615.62) and they were offering 3GB RAM and 250GB harddisk. I think the price is cheaper already, but my mum didn't want to buy it yet coz they were worried for the Warranty.

The price for the cybershot stayed the same, and they were still offering the same, so we bought it.

Finally i got my camera!! HAPPY!!Photobucket


I got a few bags from COMEX too. BAGMAN. The booth was crowded with people looking for good quality bags for their laptop, phone, camera or even just normal bag you want to bring out.

My bro & sis each got a new bag to bring to school.

I also got 2 bags. One very big bag which can fit in all kind of girly stuff. And also one Laptop bag (even though i haven got my laptop..but soon!)

There's 2 zip and each side of the bag. If you zip both up it will become another style of taking the bag. hehe.

And here's my laptop bag, which is now empty..kelian my laptop bag.Photobucket

It's blue inside..

If you are interested to get any Bag's for your precious laptop, camera, or phone, feel free to visit Bagman website.
(It's currently under renovation)

Inform me if you are interested in any of those bag. Coz my dad is the administrator of that website.


Tat's all from my JB+Singapore trip. Was very enjoyable. Hope to visit Singapore again soon.

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