Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Dinner alone

Don't worry..
I'm not trying to sound pathetic.

I actually enjoyed my dinner alone tonite. Because i had fried rice..from my dearie.

He brought it here last weekend and kept it in the fridge.
So i made it for dinner today.

I never reli enjoyed having dinner alone. But..surprisingly it felt good today. haha..

Thanks dearie..muaks. Love you dear dear.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Love is not simple

Love is simple.

It's so simple.

You meet someone, you fall in love, you be together.

You go through ups and downs together which will make you love each other more.

Because of love, all problems won't matter at all.
Everything would be solved. Even arguments could be forgotten.

And you would wanna spend the rest of your lives with each other only because of love.

This is love. I always thought love is this beautiful.

Is it really simple?

Well, i don't know anymore.

You meet someone, you fall in love, you be together.

You go through ups and downs, and thought that it will make the love for each other stronger.

You have problems, get into arguments, and eventually feel that you won't spend the rest of your lives together, but still loving each other.

You feel that your bf/gf is your soulmate, the ONE, but they don't feel the same.

And in the end, it might not end up the way you want it to be. They leave. And you'll be left alone, thinking of why love is not simple to them.

I think, mostly love was simple for me.
But this is the only time i feel that love needs so much effort, but i still want it so much.

I believe that we'll get there. I hope he does too.
We're not giving up so easilly this time. Because we love each other.

I pray that one day i'll hear him tell me that he is so sure about this relationship.
And by then, love will be very simple for us again.

I love you, David.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Being your girl~

Counting down 2 hours..

It's our 6 months Anniversary tmr~

I love you sweetheart.

Monday, March 9, 2009


It was a wonderful weekend again..
And this week i had my boy for an extra day because of the Monday holiday. =)

We went shopping for 2 days. Leg almost break. But i managed to get a RM14 Padini top and also my beauty care product. Dearie wasn't that lucky coz he can't find a nice pair of shoes. Poor thing...

Anwy, we enjoyed ourself with our nice Tea time at Nadeje. Cake and Blueberry tea. And also a nice quiet environment. (Not until some youngsters came in and treat the place like their home, Mood Killers!)

And also finally brought him to eat Satay Celup but i guess that will be the last time bringing him coz he didn't enjoy it. keke..


I'm sorry for the way i acted on things that i have already agreed on. I just wanted to be selfish and have you for a while more. I felt lonely. The minute i saw you drove off my heart was so sad, i regretted not telling you how much i wanted you to stay. I waited till i saw you drove off from the guard house, and lied on the bed thinking about you, Wishing you were still here when i open my eyes.

I don't know i was mad at you, or at myself. But i cried and cried, until i felt silly coz you are already back home. Why didn't i tell you that i wanted you to stay for a while more? Sigh..coz i couldn't.

I love having you near me. N i love you. I had a wonderful weekend with you darling. I'll see you back home soon.

xoxo Your baby girl

Sunday, March 8, 2009


I bought NANO!

Nope guys! Not Ipod Nano.

Nano White.
Bought it from Guardian at Mahkota Parade. The sales girl was super nice and she gave me lots of free gift for buying the whole set of Nano White.

I bought the basic care product, cleansing milk, facial wash, toner..n also some intensive care product like the DNA protector, De-pigmentor and also the eye gel. kekeke..Hope it works. My face is getting so dry and de complexion is so teruk teruk teruk!!

Dearie say my stuff are getting more and more Elianto coloured. Green + White =P

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Another random post

Back in melaka again..
It's currently studying period at my house..midterm exam soon.
Not really having problems studying also, no more floating mind..THANK GOD!

Another thing to Thank God is about my car.
The screw connected the tyre to the steering came off. The mechanic even told me scary stories of what will happen if the screw come off when i'm driving the car. Gosh..scary. But thank God it's ok now.

Missing my dear. He's super busy these few days, seldom have time to talk to him also. Hopefully he'll be here this weekend coz i'm all alone and we could spend time together also. But if he's not coming i will have to stay home study lo since everyone is not around.

I'm getting very pale these few days..how come!!
The pictures i took last last weekend and last weekend is totally different. I look so pale.

This..i took 2 weeks ago, and below....last weekend..different??

Anwy, it's reli nice meeting my ex-colleagues again. Hehe..have some fun talking to them. =) Soon i'll be working again, reli need to enjoy this few more months of student life.

So...it's so random. keke..

Anwy, SNSD's new song!
Gee gee gee gee~

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