Sunday, March 8, 2009


I bought NANO!

Nope guys! Not Ipod Nano.

Nano White.
Bought it from Guardian at Mahkota Parade. The sales girl was super nice and she gave me lots of free gift for buying the whole set of Nano White.

I bought the basic care product, cleansing milk, facial wash, toner..n also some intensive care product like the DNA protector, De-pigmentor and also the eye gel. kekeke..Hope it works. My face is getting so dry and de complexion is so teruk teruk teruk!!

Dearie say my stuff are getting more and more Elianto coloured. Green + White =P

2 Kisses:

hanna said...

i also bought half of it.
err,is it realy works for you?
i still cant see the effect on my skin

~*A.u.d.r.e.y*~ said...

Erm..i feel pimples are getting more. Don't reli know whether it's good for me or not.

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