Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I'm So Not Thin

Here here...

I told you i gonna blog about the burger i bought.
I mean the HUGE burger


here comes the King of Burger....


That's a burger DOUBLE SPECIAL.
The burger is approximately 11cm.
The meat is actually more thicker than normal RAMLY burgers.

Not really normal in Bukit Beruang la~ Rite MMUians?

N me and my boy was crazy enough to buy 3 burgers...2 double and one normal.
Ate til wanna vomit.

MMUians, if you wanna try this HUGE burger, it's outside the entrance of Ixora.
Don't mistaken the stalls. There's 2. One is opposite Ixora along the walkway outside MMU.
This huge burger stall is js outside the foodcourt of Ixora. Selling by one old Malay Couple.

Soo...enjoy the burger guys! Yummy!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Sick in bed

10am til 3pm

Why must we go through this every month??

I swear i don't want to be a girl in my next life!!


From 3pm...

Finally i'm better. Dear will be here today. Joyful joyful! Sounds like christmas

So addicted to Prison Break now~
Main actor so handsome. Photobucket

But too violent for kids. If not can bring the show back for my sis to watch. Personally i cant stand those fighting scenes and those scenes that are full of killing and oh gosh...BLOOD!

I still remember the scene where the other prisoner's was trying to cut Michael's toe off!

I dunno to cover my eyes or my ears. Damn disgusting...

Cant wait to see my darling~ It's 7.32pm now and i have to wait for 3 more hours. N i'm desperate for food! Photobucket Haven had anything to eat for the whole day ady.

Craving for the burger at Ixora. Yum Yum!
Later go buy it with dear dear...Blog about that Big Huge Burger later.

Soso..gtg..update again soon. Love always.Photobucket


Monday, April 28, 2008

Random Stuff

Happy Birthday to my buddy!
Hope you enjoy yourself and take care in Australia~

Js random stuff....

Pink Nail polish~ Love love~

Manicure by myself~

McD for dinner~ Satisfied

Preparation for final~

Major helper for a hot day~

Chat, blogging...whatever.

Acting cute~ Js me.

Loving you baby~

Sunday, April 27, 2008


I've join VerveEarth to increase my traffic here in my blog.

Kind of cool coz after you register with the site, a map will appear and you could see those people who are also blogging in your area. I zoomed til i saw KAMPUNG BUKIT BERUANG and found EMAS 3 and placed my icon there. But unfortunely i guess MMU students are yet to discover this website and register. Coz i don't see anyone blogging in my neighbourhood from the map.

But i know lots of my friends around here are blogging.

For a person who is so sesat while driving in KL, i think this Map could at least help me around gua. Haha...not very detail for every road but it still helps.

Even though not much MMU students know this but i found lots of KL area people who has already register.


So what ya waiting for? Go register an account to boost your blog traffic. Hehe =)

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Pictures again~

Took this b4 going for our performance last nite...=)
Love taking pictures~



Friday, April 25, 2008

Js feel like updating

Still in the process of finishing my assignment. We suppose to do a 50 pages assignment! AHHH!!! Even though each member only need to write about 5 pages about the topic, but still, it's hard like hell! So hard~ =(

I feel like studying ady!! But still got one more presentation and this stupid assignment to finish. And my presentation is on Week 14! exam is on Week 15! Gonna be dead~

Actually i have time to finish my assignment, but then, i keep going blame myself lo.

But then, i went out to play badminton twice..din go out yumcha ar..haha! And then tonite is my 2nd performance, and today is also the day i must pass my part of the assignment to my groupmate to edit. I'm only at page 3!!

Cousin bro came from JB yesterday to work, so me and gracy brought him out for dinner. He said that this will be the last time coming here ady so ask us to bring him to somewhere nice to eat. I brought him to Robert Bistro. The one i told in my previous blog. He said the food there is nice! Hehehe....

After that, we went to Bunga Raya to eat Si Ham & La La!

Gonna get Hepatitis B ady la...

Anwy, decided to go back to KL next weekend as i need to bring some stuff back home. Gracy will be following me back because she got a new laptop to collect. How lucky~


Okiez...i need to get back to my assignment ady. Wasted 10 minutes here blogging. =) Peace!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


My life is so dull~ I don't even have anything interesting to write about!

Still have one more presentation and also one more assignment to be submitted. And then it's the beginning of the FINAL EXAMS MARATHON!

But before that, i relly hope i could go Club, Sing Karaoke and do lots of fun stuff b4 Final exam because i will not have the time to do all this after the exams as i'm going back to KL straight after it. How sad~

I didn't even really enjoy this semester as i have planned!

This sem is so super CRAZY!

But anwy, i still have 1 or 2 weeks left for fun. So...gotta make full use of the time i got!!


Saturday, April 19, 2008

Precious Memories

I think i got all Emo again.

Anwy, i just wanted to share some photos during my time here in Melaka...=)

From the long hair to the short hair. from thin to the fat. Gosh...i change a lot.

My 18th birthday celebration with EP hsmates.

My 2005 hsmate!

We really look like shit here! haha...steamboat at Malim.

New Year Eve at Pure Bar

Enson's 21st birthday picture

Me wit the crazy guys of my class..hehe. Bryant how come you so thin one??

Posing wit Ru ling at Mini Malaysia.Oh gosh..i so thin!

Entrance of Mini Malaysia

Photo with my alpha group at the Kindergarden for our social work of Moral subject

Us at Pure Bar again~ i was super thin~ =(

My 20th birthday at Pure sistas!!

The very pretty ru ling jie~

Bryant's 21st birthday..can see i getting fatter ady.

Pure again wit my gang~

After Pure bar vanity nite..

Clubbing nite wit ma girls~


Me in Yukata

The Girls!

Merdeka eve at Pure Bar wit my cousin~


Trinite picture wit Amber Chia

21st birthday pic wit my present

Bonodori wearing Yukata!

Christine's birthday

Our gang at Christine's 21st birthday

Wit my best fren at Sushi King

And den pure bar...again~

Simply Fish wit the girls~ i miss everytg there. Favourite place since alpha.

Pure bar after Simply Fish~

Cutie Kim Kim~

SPARK 2007

Hair Show at Pure bar 2007

Wit the gang at pure b4 2nd sem break 2008!

Si kancil birthday~

GOGO karaoke wit Pei Xian

Triangels 2008

Love the girls~

So how? I look better now? hehe...these are all my precious memories...hope you enjoyed the pictures!

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