Sunday, July 27, 2008

I want~

Pink iPhone!!

Nice Nice Nice!!

Ar....anyone wanna give me?

So super nice....

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Secret Recipe?

Have you ever eaten Secret Recipe's Chocolate Banana Cake? Photobucket

Today I'm gonna show you, my mum's recipe of baking the Chocolate Banana Cake..

MY MUM BAKED THIS CAKE! hehehe...sorry for the confusion.

Ist, bake a chocolate sponge cake. Like this one..

After that, prepare some cooking chocolate to boil it up later so that we could coat the finished cake.

Prepare some whipped cream. It comes in boxes which you poor it out it will look like normal milk. After beating it up it will become cream.

As we are doing a chocolate banana cake, the cream should be in chocolate flavor. So add in some chocolate to add in the taste..

And it will turn out to be like this. Yummy Chocolate Cream.

Remember to cut bananas!!

After preparing all those, we are now gonna slice the cake into three layers..My mum has a special knife for that, so it will be easier to cut it up.


Take some whipped cream, and put it on the bottom layer of the cake. Spread evenly in the middle. You do not need to care too much of the side because we will spread them evenly after the 3 layers is finished.

Place the bananas on top of the 1st this.

And then cover it up with whipped cream again.

Place the middle layer up top of that layer and repeat the same procedures like you did on the bottom layer.

After finishing those, cover it up with the final layer. Looks like a super huge burger..hehe.

Put on somemore whipped cream and cover the whole cake with it. It will turn out like this.

Put the cake into the freezer. Yes the cool it for coating later.

After that, melt the cooking chocolate in the microwave.

Yum Yum.

This is not the end. Still need to add some ingrediants to the chocolate. Boil up some whip cream..

And pour it into the melted chocolate.

Mix well..and then put in the butter. The butter is to make the chocolate SHINE. this is why it is called a MIRROR cake.

The end results...

This is my brother...after enjoying his bread with chocolate. Hehe..Photobucket's time to coat the cake.

Pour the chocolate onto the cake slowly and let it flow.

Try to cover the whole cake with chocolate. This process will be a bit or VERY messy.

See what i told you..messy!

Wipe the will waste lots of chocolate in this process.

After cleaning the sides, try using the whipped cream to decorate the sides of the cake. My mum decorated it with small flowers.

Wa la~

Chocolate Banana Cake


Saturday, July 19, 2008

Watson craze

After working about 2 months, i haven't reli been buying anything with those hard earn cash. But i don't wanna spend all of it la. I'm saving up for my Langkawi trip next year.

I went to Jusco after work to walk around alone. But my main intention was to go to Watson to get some face mask. My dark eye circle is terrible now and i need lots of makeup to cover it up if i don't start treating my face.

My skin is also getting dryer due to sitting in the air conditioned office for 8 hours. I'm getting old physically..haha!

So..what did i bought?

I bought 3 boxes of face mask, each with 4 mask. The name of the box was kind of interesting..

Even though i din kno the brand of the mask, and it's definitely advisable to buy a good brand if it's for skin or face. But coz i'm not very sensitive with these products so i thought of giving it a try...

The 1st one is the Pore Control Essence mask. To reduce pores on your face..definitely good for me if it's does work.

And this, the name say "After Night Fever". Hehe..Even though i don't go out clubbing in KL, but i bought this, because i alwiz work late nights and so i need to moisturize my face la!

This one says it's used before having a date. i wish someone will ask me out for a date. Hahaha! I'm bored to death during weekends in KL.

I also bought this Lipgloss..little shades of pink. Very natural colour. For my very dry lips..hehe. MUUUAAKKKSS!

And then, i bought this..Cucumber Eye Pads

It looks exactly like the cucumber..hehe.

All this i bought only RM100++.
I'm a cheapskate girl.....

Hope i will look better with all these stuff...hahahahahah!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Cheer 2008

Cheer 2008 was a blast!

After graduating for about 5 years, i'm still a very loyal supporter of my ex-cheerleading team Muriel. Not forgetting to support my Cousin sister's team Venom too.

My mum with Venom!

If you went to Bukit Jalil last weekend, you probably seen one big group of Black t-shirt girls..screaming their lungs off for MURIEL. I was one of them!

It was even greater when i met up wit my junior cheerleaders who joined the competition wit me during my schooling years. How memorable...

Little cute Tracy

Mandy dear...

I went to see the competition 2 days, screaming from 9am til 5pm. Out of breath really....

I was very confident with my team this year, as i heard their routine was quite good. I don't really want them to be too stressful in getting Champion, coz this competition is really about having fun and being confident with their performance.

One more reason i'm super duper supportive this year, is because my sister is in the team. I hope she had fun during the competition.

My sis and her very cute team

I have videos of Muriel & Venom but the file is kind of large..sigh! Here's some pictures of their routine..

But anyway, Muriel didn't win. But..i will still be there to support..Muriel Spirit UP UP UP!

Not forgetting to Syiok Sendiri..hehehe!

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