Sunday, April 26, 2009

Flu Flu go away~

I'm finally ALMOST recovered.
I was having on and off fever from Wednesday till Saturday. So cham ar...

But then, sweet sweet dearie came to Melaka. It was a surprise. I'm really very happy that he did that for me. I never thought he would come here to see me this week coz next week he'll be here again. I'm sorry sweetie..and thank you. Muaks Muaks.

I'm waiting to go out now. Going for a birthday partee woo.. Karaoke Session. But with my throat like tat..dunno how to sing pun. =(

But anwy..i'm glad to go out. hehe.


Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Loving weekend =)

Dearie came to Melaka again..=)

He don1 take photo ady~

We went to eat SIbaraku on Saturday. Yummy Yummy...he says it's better than Seoul Garden wo. haha. N den..he bought me a new purse as an early birthday present. =) Genuine Italian Leather. haha.

Thanks Darling~

I love it so much~

Love you baby- Muaks muaks~
Glad to be your girl~

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Js Babbling

So sien~

But i don have to be sien so long..My dear finally decided to come this weekend. Hehe.
Hope my housemate can get well soon lo. Den he can go Sing Karaoke with us.

Anwy, i got my pink phone ady. N it's super super nice. It look very girl..hehe. N i think de keypads are too small for a guy to handle. It's totally a girl phone la. Super love it.

Anwy, my cousin bro took some posing pictures of us during my Aunty's surprise party..haha. I js got them.. =)

I dunno why my cousin took this...but i look slim. haha. Look at my legs~ long leh. Hahhhah.

Little Joyce was forced into the photo shooting. hehe.

My cousin sisters...pretty o not? hehe..

I love this picture soooo much!

Cousin bro has ask us to be his model for his outdoor shooting. but need to wait til we all are back in JB. hehe...yippie.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Totally Pink!!!

Yippie! Finally! Everytg in Pink!!

Pink Camera.

Pink Laptop.

n finally...


Got it online. N dearie went to get it for me~
Happy Happy Happy~

Thanks so much dearie~ I owe you so much!!!

Gonna get my phone on Saturday!! YAY!!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Pink phone

I want this~
I want this~
I want this~


I love it so much!!!
I want i want i want~

Should i go get it this weekend?? Should i??? AHhhhhhh...cannot tahan!!

Whispers of the Heart =)

How do you like my new template?
Pinky~ Gila gila pink~

I'm js back from JB today.
Attended a wonderful, and very warm family party.
A surprise birthday party for my Aunt Pearl. =)
It's good to gather around people you love once in a while~

Haven't been seeing dearie for about a week.
N i miss him so much..
Can only see him this weekend. Sigh..
But anwy, Distance makes the heart grows fonder rite?
We both enjoy seeing each other after such a long time not meeting.
N it really does makes us more loving and sweet~
So i guess, distance isn't that bad..

but i still prefer being near to him. =)

Miss you sweetie~
Gdnite world!

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