Monday, May 4, 2009

The ending of this. The beginning of that

In about 4 weeks, i will be leaving MMU! FOREVER!! (nope nope..graduation's not til August)
Friends will all go separate ways, and we might find fewer chances to meet up.
Soon, it's the beginning of a new journey, new route, new path..
Seeing new things, experiencing the world..

Wondering whether i would be ready for it after 4 weeks. The new beginning of things.

Feeling sad to leave all this, the fun friends, the crazy moments, the midnight clubbing..I won't get that anymore once i start working. ('s coz i have a boring life in KL. It's like PRISON!)

Even so, i'm excited to experience the changes. There will still be good things happening i believe. Earning money to support myself. (And also to save super lots of money to buy a house with dear..not forgetting to pay PTPTN back also.)

There won't be lots of crazy moments. There won't be any midnight clubbing sessions. There won't be crazy karaoke sessions. (Ahhhhh~ how sad!) But still, i'm glad to be back with my family, they are the best thing of my life. N also, 5 minutes away from HIM. No more travelling for both of us. =)

Ahhh~ study life. 4 more weeks of study life. So, i'm gonna enjoy this 4 weeks. Even though it will be occupied by books for most of the time, but still..i will try to enjoy all this. =)

Happy studying everyone!

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kar lai@jolene said...

the midnight clubbing session~~!! damn.. my condition is somewhat like yours.. prison.. sad..reli gonna miss the fun i had here...

~*A.u.d.r.e.y*~ said...

Haha..yea. I can't really go out late at nite in KL. So i won get to go yumcha till morning. the crazy stuff..haha. Will miss it so much!

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