Wednesday, July 1, 2009

To my juniors~

This post is especially for my sister and also all MURIEL cheerleaders.

Dear Muriel Juniors,

In a few days time, you'll be joining this great event, with thousand of people screaming and shouting while you perform your routine on that mat. I know it has been a very very tough time for all of you, and you have been practicing really hard. I've seen my sister coming back with injuries all over, bruises on her hands and feet. And i know some of you might also have hurt yourself too during all the practices. But still, why do you guys not give up? For one reason, YOU LOVE CHEER! YOU LOVE MURIEL!

Well, I love MURIEL too and have been supporting MURIEL for years. I know that this week will be a super stressful week for every one of MURIEL, the cheerleaders, the directors...even i too feel stressful thinking bout how to make you guys look pretty on that day.

For some of you, you are already experienced for the competition. You know the feeling of being out there performing to so many ppl. And most importantly, you enjoy cheering and performing, rite? For the juniors, i know some of you are panicking rite now..thinking of how you're gonna face the competition with so many last minute changes. Let me tell you, when i was still in the team, one day before the competition some of my teammates blew us off. 3 girls just suddenly told us that they wanna quit..and it happen js one day before the competition. Can you imagine how panic we were? Can you imagine how angry we were with those girls? We cried and cried. But still, we never give up on the competition. We know that we will not make it into top 10. We could js call up and tell them that we will not join the competition. But we didn't. We stayed on, and continue practicing till late evening. We did all the last minute changes, and manage to perform on that day.

So, compared to my situation, aren't you guys having more time than us? So why are you panicking? Your stunts and pyramids need what? Most importantly you all have the teamwork to do this. MURIEL girls always stick together and do what they does best, CHEER! You girls are cheerleaders! So you all must be supportive of each other. DO NOT GIVE UP!

This competition is not all about the winning. Learn to enjoy the experience!

But still girls, even if your practicing hard for the competition, be carefull and not hurt yourself. I heard that there are lots of serious injuries that happened this year. And i pray to GOD that all of you girls will be safe and sound for all practices and also during the competition. Please really really practice all your stunts and pyramids safely. Even if you're very passionate of this sport, you will still need to know your limits. Do not try to do things if you know that you do not have the ability to continue doing it. Just stay safe. Give your support to each other during these few days.

Cheerleading is really a fun sport. So just have fun doing it.

Anwy, I heard from my sister that most of the MURIEL girls reads my blog and knows bout my stuff. Well, thanks for visiting here. I hope we do know each other more from this weekend's competition. I'm alwiz willing to help so don hesitate to ask for my help k girls. Even a hug. hehe.



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