Monday, June 29, 2009


I need to get glitter for the girls!

Does anyone know whr i could get very cool glitters Makeup for Cheerleading competition??

Gosh! Running out of time to buy these things~ whr should i get them?? I bought Silky girl glitter eyeliner for them yesterday..but i don't think it would be nice enough to be outstanding from the other teams.

I saw some on some website..but they don't sell it in Malaysia. Damn it!

And i'm worried i don't have enough time to do everyone's make up. DAMN! Hopefully there are more ppl and i need to buy more stuff so that everyone could use the same colour together.

Anwy girls!
GOOD LUCK for the competition yea!

Be confident!

I'll alwiz be Muriel's supporter.


Cheer for Muriel at Putra Indoor Stadium this Saturday & Sunday.
It will be a super duper great to have you thr!
You don't want to miss this great event!


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