Friday, November 7, 2008

So bored....

So bored...can die!

1 more hour den can go back ady!! Tonite going to Midvalley wit darling o! Such a busy week..really need to take some time off and spend some time with dearie..

Waiting to bring dearie to Melaka for some time off. Wanna bring him to lots of places..js to relax. And there are so many nice food that i miss in melaka..i wanna let him try all of it. keke..It will definitely be a very FAT trip. hehe...

After that, we will be visiting Langkawi. Yippie! I'm really so excited about it. Excited about going for holiday with my dearie.

3 more weeks for my internship lo...After that, he will be driving to work alone. Nobody accompany him to work and back from work ady. But anwy, since i'm free..mayb i could come find him for lunch once in a while..hehe..

Good luck to me for the rest of the 3 weeks!

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