Thursday, November 13, 2008

Me, Myself & I

Curi Tulang at home...hehe.

I'm kidding!!
I'm not feeling well la..
Stupid! Why must girls suffer this??

Took panadol's getting better now. Not feeling so terrible anymore.

Damn hating this.

I miss my dear..

But anwy, since i got one day at home to "curi tulang", so just enjoy this lo. (even though i can't really enjoy much with this stupid pain)

But still..better than nothing la. hohohoho!

Gosh..this is me..without makeup!

Anwy, i've been spending the whole morning...sitting in front of the laptop..listening to music. My ONE & ONLY entertainment..No music no life!!

Yes yes...i know..what a fake picture.
Haha! But seriously...i'm enjoying my music lo!

Other than listening to music, i'm enjoying my Famous Amos Cookies bought by my dearie tooo..YumYum! Want some?

Anwy, i finally got stuff to do after my internship.

Other than finishing my super-lot-of-pages report, my petsister Tracy ask me to be her model for her Beauty course exam on December 4th, and also from January 7th till 9th.

Well, why not rite?


There's like facial which includes cleaning, mask, and also some skin analysis, some massage, manicure, makeup exam, and also waxing.

Untung rite!!

So anwy, 7th till 9th January's exam is at Melaka's Impres Esteem. So i'll be going to Melaka.

I was thinking, 7th till 9th i'm at Melaka ma...why don't ask dearie to go Melaka on the 9th
(Friday) n then we stay till 11th come back KL rest a day, and then 12th we going to Langkawi till 14th. I think dearie will kill me lo...he will be so tired. Hahaha..

(dearie js called from the office. *sweetness*)

Seems like there's no dramatic stuff happening in the office. keke...


hmmm....tmr we'll be going to Kaki Corner for Western food. =)
How nice.

Gtg now..need some rest.

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