Friday, November 21, 2008

Can someone buy me Baskin Robbins ice cream?

One more week left!
One more week of working, one more week of waking up 7am in the morning, one more week of accompanying dearie to work, one more week of..................

I wonder how i feel on the final day of training. I'm actually feeling very sad to be leaving, as i have known most of the ppl in the office. I'll miss my Senior lo..and i will definitely miss Nicole a lot. And then, feel sad that i cannot accompany my dearie to work anymore.

But on the other hand, i'm also glad i manage to go through this 6 months. I have been worried for quite some time b4 the training, and feel tat 6 months is such a long time to past..but feels like i just came in to this company yesterday. Lots of memories for this 6 months...happy and sad. Most importantly, i got to know lots of friends..=)

I'll be back at melaka soon. Hope my studies goes well too.

I'm going out wit dearie tmr!! Yippie!! Going for karaoke, shopping, TGI Fridays, movie (maybe?)'s been a long time since we really went out to pak tor. So i'm reli happy lo.

Dearie is out ady for bowling with his gang. Sad that i can't join, but anwy...there's still lots of chances. Miss him lo....=(

OK OK...gtg le. Have to get my beauty sleep. Hehe...nitez world!

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