Saturday, November 29, 2008

Final Day of Internship

Finally i gone through this 6 months...Glad to know so many nice colleagues. I really thank everyone in my department for guiding me so much..

I will miss my dearie a lot..i can't accompany him to work anymore..feel so sad...but still i need to continue with life geh. I still will meet him de..=) Still have time to be together with him before i go back to Melaka. I still have my langkawi holiday with nice!

Anwy, i felt reli sad on de last day of internship..but still ran around to take pictures with lots of colleagues...=)


Presents from Fairuz..

My very helpful colleague and good friend Nicole..

My senior Janice and I

Alin & I..

Fairuz & I..the 2 trainees of Advisors.

It was really happy working with all the colleagues from my deparment. Will really miss all of you!

I also went round to take pictures with colleagues from other deparment..=)

Suzanne n I


The Auditors, Yvonne and Ms Yap

Ms Yeo..

Xiao Wei


My Dearie!! I requested to take this picture lo..coz i don hv any pictures with him in Office attire..hehehe...

N Amy and my senior..Last day for Amy too...

After work, we all went to Klang, Teluk Gong for seafood farewell dinner for Amy. I had mine in the afternoon with my boss but i didn't dare to take any pictures. haha..

Choi Hoong & Janice

Janice & I

Amy & Aunty Lan

Here are the stuff we ordered...yummy! Anwy, most of the pictures of food are quite blur..coz i took it fast and didn't wanna make my friends wait for me..keke..


Fried Sotong..Dearie's favourite.

Dunno wat's it called..

Fried Lala Beehoon...


YamSing~ We were drinking Thoddi.

the 4 good friends

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