Friday, July 17, 2009


Hey ppl.
It's been a long time. I know.
Was busy finding job, attending interviews. N yes ppl, i finally got a job! Thank GOD!

Never updated my cutie blog since cheerleading competition. Muriel never won, but the teacher advisor won best teacher award. I love you Pn Azwana. Thanks for sticking with Muriel for such a long time.

It was fun knowing the girls. =) Had a great time with them but i never get to remember all their names. I'm getting old. But i will remember all those faces. =)

My sis and i slept for about 16 hours after the competition. We both had gone through 2 tiring days together, waking up at 3am to do her makeup, need to reach school at 5am. And i did everyone's makeup till 7am. Well, you would think my job is done. But NOOOOO...i still sat there till 6pm for both days, screaming and shouting for every team performing. Yup, 2 days! 3am - 12am. We both woke up around 5pm after the competition. My sis thought that my phone is spoilt when i told her it's 5pm. I'm glad that i haven't got a job that time if not i will die at work.

So...after the competition i have been looking for jobs. Went to a very small audit firm in Damansara for interview and they accepted me straightaway, and offering only RM1.7k, no OT claim, No study leave...and bla bla bla. Well, at one point i was glad that a company offered me. But then, how could i survived with RM1.7k with a job soooo far far away from my house. Petrol, Parking & Toll will already cost a bomb! SOoooo...i never accepted.

Oh yea, and before going for an interview at this audit firm, I went to Manpower recruitment agency for an interview too. Not really a formal interview, more of them asking me what kinds of job i prefer. I told them AUDIT. 1st choice AUDIT. If not...i would go for Commercial.

The next day my recruit consultant called up telling me there's a job at Hewlett Packard for Financial Analyst. Well, come one! It's HP! So i said..if she could get me the interview i would surely be happy to attend. But still i went for this interview at this audit firm 1st.

Few days after that, i got the call from my consultant saying that i got the interview. =)
I went for the interview on Wednesday. My mum's birthday. Super super nervous. Anwy, this is a contract based job for 6 months. After the interview, i was kinda confused whether i got the job. Coz the person who interviewed me told me stuff like "If you are successful..bla bla bla..." and also "You come meet me here on your 1st day and we'll go together to Cyberjaya office if you dunno the way.." (The job is based is Cyberjaya). SOOOO...i was pretty confused!

So i waited for my consultant to call me, and i received a call in the evening telling me i got the job with surely a more higher salary than what the stupid audit firm is giving me la!



But i am a bit worried. I think my salary comes from Manpower, and not Hewlett Packard. i have a possibility to become permanant staff after 6 months?? I'm worried that I might not have a job after 6 months. Anyone knows how this works? I mean getting a job from recruitment agencies and stuff? Please let me know!!

I have been told i'll start next week. Still waiting for call from my consultant but apparently she's on MC.
Hopefully i'll get her call soon!

I got the job on my mum's birthday..and she was pretty happy with it. She said it's the best present ever! hehe...

Anwy, tmr is the day!! I'm staying at Cititel!! YIPPIE!!!

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