Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Pressie from Kai Ming

Sweet sweet Kai Ming gave me an early birthday present..hehe.


Yellow roses = Friendship? haha...

Anwy, thanks so much for de roses~

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Porridge Nite

Yummy Porridge Nite with Thomas and Kai ming~

Porridge House move ady..didn't get to eat it wit my dear de last time he came. This time went wit my gang loo...YUM!! Porridge is my favourite!

We ordered damn lots. 2 big bowls of porridge. Eat till soooo full. N it was supper. FAT!!

Monday, May 4, 2009

The ending of this. The beginning of that

In about 4 weeks, i will be leaving MMU! FOREVER!! (nope nope..graduation's not til August)
Friends will all go separate ways, and we might find fewer chances to meet up.
Soon, it's the beginning of a new journey, new route, new path..
Seeing new things, experiencing the world..

Wondering whether i would be ready for it after 4 weeks. The new beginning of things.

Feeling sad to leave all this, the fun friends, the crazy moments, the midnight clubbing..I won't get that anymore once i start working. ('s coz i have a boring life in KL. It's like PRISON!)

Even so, i'm excited to experience the changes. There will still be good things happening i believe. Earning money to support myself. (And also to save super lots of money to buy a house with dear..not forgetting to pay PTPTN back also.)

There won't be lots of crazy moments. There won't be any midnight clubbing sessions. There won't be crazy karaoke sessions. (Ahhhhh~ how sad!) But still, i'm glad to be back with my family, they are the best thing of my life. N also, 5 minutes away from HIM. No more travelling for both of us. =)

Ahhh~ study life. 4 more weeks of study life. So, i'm gonna enjoy this 4 weeks. Even though it will be occupied by books for most of the time, but still..i will try to enjoy all this. =)

Happy studying everyone!

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